September 25, 2023
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Coffee and a Saginaw Bay Sunrise

It’s seldom that I get a chance to really view a Saginaw Bay sunrise. As we rush to get ready for work, feed the kids, and let out the dog, when was the last time you really sat back and watched the sun come up?

The western facing shore of Michigan’s Thumb has the unique distinction of offering excellent viewing of both the sunrise and sunsets along the shoreline.

Sunrise Over Saginaw Bay

The moments before sunrise can be the quietest of the day. This was two minutes of bliss with a hot steamy cup of coffee in one hand and a dog sniffing around the beach on an early Saturday in the first days of Fall in Michigan’s Thumb.  Notice how the lake perks up when the sun starts to hit it. Enjoy this Saginaw Bay Sunrise.

Great Places to Watch the Sunrise, and Sunsets, in The Thumb

We found six great places to catch a sunrise in Huron County. From this list, several have the unique destination of offering both sunrise and sunset viewing.

  • Wagener County Park – This is the most eastern of Huron County Parks. Thus sunrise hits here first.
  • Lighthouse County Park – The site of Pointe Aux Barques lighthouse is a great setting to watch the first light of the day hit the lighthouse tower. This magic hour is great for picture taking.
  • Jenks Roadside Park – This is just off M-25. It’s charming. Picnic tables and grills overlook commanding views of Saginaw Bay for both sunrise and sunsets.
  • Port Crescent State Park – The large beautiful beach is a perfect setting for a walk with the sunrise, and sunset parts of the day.
  • Oak Beach County Park – This large beach is a perfect spot to catch early morning glimsp of morning sunlight. Easy parking makes for a quick in and out.
  • Philp County Park – This is one of the tinyest parks in the Huron County Park system. Yet its a great spot to catch the sunrise in the morning and the last rays of the day at sunset.
  • Sleeper State Park – This is the last park on the western side of the Thumb where you can catch both sunrise and sunsets. A Michigan Passport State Park Pass is required.


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  1. I watched your sunrise. I am in Pt Judith RI watching the sunrise here. Thank you for your comments as well. It’s a pleasure reading your comments. Sorry I missed out on Caseville.

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