Great Lakes Water Use – Lies and Half Truths

Mike Hardy

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  1. Linda says:

    You are lying, I have relatives there, and Nestle is pumping water out of there and putting it into big bags and on barges to be sold to China.

    • ThumbWind says:

      Hi Linda,

      If you can produce proof, as opposed to heresay, I will gladly post pictures or first hand statements from those who witnessed such activity. My blog is all about showing truth. Let me know how I can help….Mike

  2. Sam says:

    You may be amused by my reply to Jesse Ventura’s claim concerning the effect this has had. I posted this to his FB page:
    The absurdity of this claim makes the rest of this pretty questionable: “the Great Lakes are down about a foot of water because Nestlé= is sucking it all up before it gets there.” Now for the math (not that actual facts can trump conspiracies spread by unsupported innuendo and pure misstatement of facts, I know…)

    The surface area of the Great Lakes is approximately 94,250 square miles (
    94250 Sq Miles = 60320000 acres
    60320000 acre feet of water = 10,000,000,000,000 gals (ten trillion)

    Nestle’s two plants, are located in Mecosta County, Michigan and Guelph, Ontario. Each plant supposedly bottles 700,000 gallons a day.
    In 2009 their permits were altered, but assuming they’ve been doing 700,000 gallons a day, 365 days a year since 2000, (700,000 x 2 x 365 x 15 years) that would only be 7,665,000,000 gals (seven billion six hundred and sixty five million).

    Even if you assumed that to have been DOUBLE that amount up until 2009 when their permit was changed, the fact that ten trillion divided by that figure is 0.0007665 of an acre foot gives you an idea of how crazy the truth vs. what people will claim and other people will repeat, is.

    We DO have a lot of issues related to water and just about everything else that need to be addressed, but not by completely specious claims, unless of course, that just makes one feel good. After all, it’s all about feelings, why let facts disrupt the rush of indignation?

  3. Dick says:

    Whether it b u or anyone else, kill all liars.

  4. Thanks for posting this article. It’s great ammo against the “Blame Obama” crowd. I’m still trying to find Obama’s executive order that allows Nestle to drain the Great Lakes! When I use the search engines, all they list are crazy articles like the one you exposed. LOL!

  5. Michelle says:

    You imply that Michigan is not the only state willing to sell out our environmental heritage to bad actors like Nestlé. As of September 2015 Michigan is, indeed, the only such state, despite the best efforts of Wisconsin’s republican governor, Scott Walker. Also, it’s a cheap rhetorical ploy to defend a practice based on your assertion that it’s been going on for years, is only half as bad now, is partially mitigated by some prior and completely unrelated offset. The only point upon which we appear to agree is the fact that none of this is President Obama’s doing, contrary to the monkey say–monkey mindlessly repeat style of right leaning bloggers and opinion writers, all of whom would benefit greatly from a month’s vacation from Fox, Vox and Bing.

    • Michelle says:

      The first sentence in my prior post should read “Great Lakes State”–not simply “state” though I see comments are censored, forgive me, “moderated” so it is unlikely to matter. **screenshot**

  6. ThumbWind says:

    Thanks for the backlink

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