Port Austin Lighthouse In The Winter

It’s  hard to capture the grandeur and vastness of Saginaw Bay’s beauty during the winter months. One bold video producer captured some of the most awesome and intriguing shots of the winter ice of the Upper Thumb. Braving treacherous ice flows we see rare ice shots of the Port Austin Lighthouse, Turnip Rock and Port Austin Harbor transformed to the warm summer magic of Michigan’s Thumb. Thumbwind gives a tip of the hat to  “Lighting in a Bottle Rainy Day Productions” for featuring this Pure Thumb experience.  Enjoy.

The Port Austin Lighthouse was put into service 1878, and its base pier was modified in 1899. The Lighthouse is still operational and is automated. The the tower is constructed of yellow brick. It is an octagonal, 60-foot tall tower, with an attached keeper house. The the focal plain is 76 feet. It utilized a fourth-order Fresnel lens by Henry Lepaute of Paris and installed in 1899.

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