Great Lakes Water Levels

Low Water Levels in Great Lakes Threatened Marinas

Low Water Levels in Great Lakes

Low Water Levels in Great Lakes

In 2012, dropping water levels in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan threatened marinas. This video shows the low water level south of Caseville at Beadle Bay Marina. The problem was resolved in 2014 when an extremely cold winter froze over the Great Lakes and checked evaporation.


More Change in Lake Levels Ahead

Saginaw Bay Beach High Water

Some new research uncovered a 12-year cycle of rising and falling lake levels in the Michigan-Huron lakes, as well as a shorter 8-year cycle. Climate change is also being eyed for its effect. Scientists specializing in hydrology and climate science, are beginning to think the rapid transitions between extreme high and low water levels in the Great Lakes represent the “new normal.”

In June of 2019 Lakes Erie and Superior and Lake St. Clair set new record. The Army Corps of Engineers recorded a new high monthly mean water levels, amid an extended rainy period. All five Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair should continue with record or near-record water level highs for the rest of 2019.

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