Turnip Rock Winter

Things To Do In Michigan – 2 Hour Hike or Cross Country Ski To Turnip Rock in Winter

A couple makes an adventure of taking a winter hike from Bird Creek County Park in Port Austin harbor to Turnip Rock at Pointe Aux Barques. They follow the paths made by other skiers on their five-mile jaunt over Lake Huron ice on a bright wintery day.

Turnip Rock in Winter

Couple Takes Winter Hike To Turnip Rock In Winter – Courtesy Danielle Gauch

Can You Hike to Turnip Rock?

During the summer months, Turnip Rock can only be accessed and seen by the water as the rock formation sits on private land. Taking a five-mile round trip winter trek hike to the formation is the only way to see Turnip Rock in the winter.

Hiking to Turnip Rock
Following Cross County Ski Paths to Turnip Rock – Courtesy Danielle Gauch

It’s best to wait until the ice is completely frozen before cross country skiing or hiking to Turnip Rock during the Winter. Falling through the ice is no joke. Even nearshore thin areas of ice can be under feet of snow.

See their original article and more pictures of their Turnip Rock Hike on Hypertenuse.

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Current Percentage of Ice Coverage on the Great Lakes – A dynamic weekly report of the current percentage of ice coverage over each of the five Great Lakes each winter season. This assists those looking to snowmobile or ice fish on the edge of the Great Lakes.

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15 of the Best Michigan Tourist Attractions in The Thumb – With over 90 miles of shoreline, Michigan’s Thumb offers some of the top Michigan tourist attractions. There is always something to do or see near the tip of the Thumb. Most of these attractions and sites are free to access. A full day of fun can be had just finding and exploring things to do in Michigan’s Upper Thumb. Taking a scenic drive along M-25 is all you need to do to start.

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Port Austin Lighthouse In The Winter – It’s hard to capture the grandeur and vastness of Saginaw Bay’s beauty during the winter months. In 2015, one bold video producer captured some of the most awesome and intriguing shots of the winter ice of the Upper Thumb. Braving treacherous ice flows we see rare ice shots of the Port Austin Lighthouse, Turnip Rock and Port Austin Harbor transformed to the warm summer magic of Michigan’s Thumb.

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Turnip Rock – 7 Basic Things to Know When You Kayak – One of the most amazing sites in the Upper Thumb is Turnip Rock. Considered one of the 10 most beautiful places in Michigan. Carved over time by the force of constant wave action, the soft limestone has been shaped to its namesake and separated from the mainland over thousands of years. CNN called it one of the Most Amazing Rock Formations in America, and Pure Michigan featured it on its 2016 magazine cover.

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How to Survive Falling Through the Ice – In the winter of 2018, there were two deaths and one rescue on the Saginaw Bay ice in the Upper Thumb in early February. We found a short video that describes the steps to survive falling through ice even if you can’t get yourself out of the water. It’s a fight for survival and one only has minutes before hypothermia, unconsciousness, and death.

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Walking on the Clear Ice of Lake Huron – All-Time Viral Video – A clear ice walk like this is very rare in the Great Lakes. Water must be able to freeze very slowly so that impurities and air bubbles have a chance to sink or rise to the surface. Slow freezing also allows bigger ice crystals to form, which have few surfaces to scatter light. If the water is settled with a very little slit or other impurities then there is a chance of forming clear ice.

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  1. Fun to see folks on the ice, NEAR the shore to see The Rock. But geez, I’d be more careful in these temps and sun. A fall through that ice is not fun.

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