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5 Top Tips For College Students on How to Travel Cheap

Traveling is almost mandatory for all school and university students. They can extend their horizons, meet new people, learn new things and also learn new skills. Deciding on their own is another advantage traveling can bring. However, traveling is usually expensive. Well, ways to travel cheap is more than just possible for all students, and now we will tell you how to enjoy this possibility more.

#1 Get Tickets Early

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The best way to make travel for students far more affordable is to get tickets as soon as you can. For example, if you get a ticket for a certain destination 1 or even 2 months before you plan to go, you will pay $100. If you want the same ticket but 2 days before you plan to leave, you will pay $400. Every student can use this trick which is extremely appealing and easy to use. It also applies to all tickets and all destinations.

An interesting matter which offers the same perk is when using essay providers. If you order these a few days before the deadline, you can pay much less. On the other hand, there are no issues with quality, requirements, or anything similar. You should know that when it comes to buying assignments online, you should use reputable service providers and those who will give you the aforementioned discount. The best example right now is Writix. This simple trick can help you get a massive discount.

These services have been top-rated these days, and we believe they will become even more desirable in the near future. Therefore, it is important to save money on these and anything else you can so you can travel more. 

#2 Find a Job In Foreign Country

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This is the ultimate tip all students can use. It doesn’t harm education, but it is useful and appealing. Basically, you will work as Au Pair, hostel worker, or anything else. There are countless examples. 

Now you can travel and make money. In some cases, you can even earn more than you would in your home country! Once you are done, quit and do the same but for another country.

#3 Sharing Economy

This is a must! If you want to travel cheap and get away from college for some time, you will use this tip. In a nutshell, you will bypass the conventional travel industry. You won’t stay in hotels but rather in shared accommodation. You will share tour guides as well. In other words, you will share the same service with other students or people, which makes it far more affordable. There are many websites for this purpose, and these are more than just popular. 

#4 Students Discounts Are Always There

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As a student, you are looking at a 50% discount on almost anything. It can be a pass, ticket, accommodation, meal, item, or anything else. Remember that you will need your youth or student card to get this perk and implement it into your traveling. You will need to ask for the discount first, which is obvious.

In Europe, these discounts are almost always present in galleries and museums, among other tourist destinations. So make sure you ask the person about the discount and get it. 

#5 Prepare your Own Meals

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This part of the guide is also essential. In most countries, you will need to pay $15 for a meal. Therefore, you will have a lot of money for food only. On the other hand, you can get groceries for $50 and last the entire week. This is a massive saving tip that will help you travel more and stay longer at the desired location. Be free to experiment, read and write recipes at home so you can use them while traveling. The possibilities are endless.


You can check countless travel guides, but you will always see these tips and these elements. Why, you may wonder? Because these are essential to keep travel costs as low as possible and enjoy as long as you can. Now you can add these to your next travel, and you can enjoy more. 

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