“Let’s Get Flaky” at Caseville Shanty Days 2015

The Caseville Shanty Days 2015 promised a “Flaky” wintertime event. It’s a fun theme, and the logo is smart looking, and it matches the kitschy/cute that the Caseville community looks for when celebrating an event to break up the long, cold winter on Saginaw Bay. It’s a nice change from last year’s logo, which showed Frosty the Snowman pooping ice cubes.

The weekend of events includes many activities, including the famous Polar Bear dip at Hoy’s Saginaw Bay Marina. Highlights of the 2014 Caseville Shanty Days are in the video below.

The 2015 Caseville Shanty Days were notable as the winter was bitterly cold, and the ice on Saginaw Bay was frozen solid.

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This made for a long and thick sheet of ice, ideal for a wide range of activities. On successive days, teams fished for Perch and Whitefish in the ice fishing tents set up on the bay. There was also a professional chainsaw carver creating snow sculptures and ice sculptures. You could also try your luck at a game of ice curling.

The highlight of the 2015 Caseville Shanty Days was a charity bake sale on Saturdays, aptly named “Let’s Get Flaky.” The bake sale
AI Image – Ice fishermen on the ice with a dock in the background at sunrise in the style of Edward Godwin

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