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Michigan Wind Farm Development Almost Splits Lake Township Residents

Ed Note:  This is an older post from 2012 that highlighted the political battles that took place regarding wind energy development in Lake Township within Huron County.  It was an interesting chain of events that could have resulted in the breakup of the township. 

Lake Township Michigan board voted 3-2 on May 21st, 2012 to ignore the referendum vote held on February 28th to restrict wind development and begin negotiations to hand over approximately 4,000 acres to Chandler Township.

Wind Farms Force Succession Moves in Lake Township Michigan

Michigan Wind Farm Development
Wind Farm Development Splits Community

Twenty-one landowners are utilizing Michigan’s Public Act 425 with hopes to change township zoning designations of their land to be subject to wind-friendly Chandler zoning. Lake board members Robert T. Smith, William Osborne & Dorothy Fischer voted for the possible zoning secession and began negotiation. This township succession is the first known case of its kind concerning the division of wind development progress.

The move is expected to impact Michigan’s wind farm development in other areas of the state. 

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13 thoughts on “Michigan Wind Farm Development Almost Splits Lake Township Residents

  1. You obviously don’t understand Lake Township mathematics. You must not have been paying attention when Queen Yvonne explained it- DTE + 21 > 207.
    As for Smith and Osborne, when it comes to housebreaking pets, DTE and the Bushys could teach Cesar Millan a thing or two.

  2. Of the many outrageous moments in last night’s meeting, Treasurer Dorothy Fischer’s prepared motion to proceed with the “negotiations” on a transfer of land to Chandler was breathtaking. In language clearly not hers & which she bumbled in reading, the computer gepnerated text signified the whole evening for public input was a sham. Let’s vote her out! Oh I forgot … it won’t count!

    1. Yeah, nothing says ‘the fix is in’ like the magical appearance of a prepared statement for a topic under discussion. If you happen to see a copy, note that when she drafted the text Queen Yvonne left in a prompt instructing Smith how to conduct the meeting.

    1. The meeting probably ended too late for an article to get written for today’s (Tuesday) Tribune.
      There were reporters from electronic media at the meeting. I’m assuming from your comment there’s been nothing on WLEW radio or WNEM tv. I guess the idea that democracy is optional isn’t considered newsworthy in 2012.
      Incidentally, I noticed scrolling over your BLOGROLL you describe Knowwind as “a little over the top”. Knowwind has been dealing with this type of cronyism (although this being Lake Township, it might be more accurate to spell it Krohnyism) for quite awhile now. Sometimes you need “over the top” to combat ‘underhanded & bloated with corporate cash’.

      1. It did get covered on TV5 briefly at 11pm that night, tho without vote results. Was on WLEW radio this a.m. and more video on TV5 at noon with vote result. Could be more news, since we may have caught the attorney in a “not fair and balanced” reply to my question. Translate: he lied.

      2. Smith’s rudeness, now Fahey’s lies- Osborne’s world must be crumbling around him.

  3. Democracy or Hypocrisy
    Caseville or Busheyville
    Lake Huron or Lake Yvonne
    Please vote your choice; oops I used a four letter word VOTE.

  4. My apology to Caseville for using your name in the previous comment it should have read Lake Township.
    My condolences to Lake Township voters for their inability to comprehend what they voted on, perhaps we can vote again and get it right this time the way the lease owners want it.

    1. Lou.. No apology is needed or expected. wants to be the lighting rod of the wind energy debate going forward.. Make no mistake. I’m 100% for wind renewable when presented in a sensible way.

      This current drama is beyond the pale. I hope the ACLU chimes in shortly and I expect they will.

  5. Think Democracy.
    What kind of message are we sending future generations when the vote of the people can be overturned? Can anyone answer this question honestly and sincerely? Please.

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