Wind Energy Growth – 2016 Survey Shows Huron County Divided

Huron County Wind Survey

Michigan County Divided in More Wind Growth

Wind Energy GrowthWind energy growth may have stalled in 2016 in northern Michigan. In an article published on Friday November 18th 2016, by the Huron Daily Tribune it was noted that in a recent survey, Huron county residents approved of renewable wind development by a slight margin.  The on-line survey conducted for the Huron County Planning Commission by the Spicer Group showed that the county is evenly split on the topic of wind development.

The HDT reported that, “When asked what Huron County should pursue for alternative energy development, 42 percent of respondents agreed that wind is a viable option, and 40 percent disagreed, with 18 percent saying they were neutral.”

The survey was used to assist Huron County planners in the areas of land use, community issues, and corporate vision. The county master plan has not been changed in 23 years. A hearing on the Master Plan is expected in January. 

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  1. Lou says:

    Survey showing a 42% for and 40% against is in my estimation not a true show of hands. Spicer group stated only 793 surveys were completed and there are 26,213 eligible registered voters in Huron County, this only reflects 3.02% of the adult population. If this were a true ballot vote I believe the numbers would be different.

  2. Lou Colletta says:

    Survey showing a 42% for and 40% against wind energy is in my estimation not a true show of hands. The Spicer stated that 793 surveys collected were complete. The 793 complete surveys only reflects 3.02% of the 26,213 registered adult voters in Huron County. I believe a ballot vote would show a truer percentage.

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