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Huron County Sheriff Holds Ypsilanti Man For Illegal Entry

On Thursday, April 12th, two Huron County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at a residence on Port Austin Road in Lake Township. They were responding to a report of an illegal entry. The Deputies learned a male subject walked into the home uninvited and unknown to the owners. He then had to be ordered to leave.

Through a description of the individual and video, he was believed to be a subject that one of the Deputies had dealings with walking on M-25 about 30 minutes before this incident. The man was on foot and believed homeless, recently arriving in Caseville. Fortunately, he was later found on foot by the deputies who arrested and lodged him in the Huron County jail for illegal entry.

Today, Adam J. Connell, age 43, of Ypsilanti, was formally charged and arraigned on misdemeanor charges for illegal entry. He remains lodged in the Huron County jail pending $350 to be released.

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