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8 Inspired Tips On Winter Skincare In Michigan

We all want healthy and glowing skin, but when winter sets in, that can become tricky – unless you know how. Whether you’re out in Michigan’s chill facing the elements or dealing with the dry heat that comes from forced air furnaces indoors, there’s plenty to battle with. No need to worry, though. It’s all about having a bunch of handy tips up your sleeve for winter skincare. We found great tips, and that’s just what I will give you.

Why Is Our Skin So Important?

Winter Skincare

There are many beauty tips that we’ve all picked up along the way, like how to do your makeup for certain looks, how to care for your nails, how to repair damaged bleached hair… the list goes on. But learning out how to look after your skin, in this case in winter, is a key part of anyone’s beauty and overall health routine. 

If you want to know how to repair damaged bleached hair, you can read more. And if you want to know why our skin is so important, you can read on.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in or on your body? Well, it sure is, and it’s constantly changing throughout your life, regenerating itself around every 30 days. The role that skin plays in overall health is crucial. It helps protect you from germs and infections, meaning that learning how to properly care for your skin is super important. It is very resilient but is also susceptible to outbreaks and damage, so keeping it healthy is vital. 

You and I both know how the temperatures drop during Michigan’s winter. Whether it’s the snow, harsh winds, or icy conditions, your skin is attacked by the harsh elements. There may well be many unique places in Michigan, but there’s nothing unique about what the winter weather can do – it’s a tale as old as time. Dry faces, cracked lips, dullness… let’s do what we can to avoid that. But how? Here are some easy-to-follow tips for winter skincare in Michigan.

#1 Develop and Maintain a Solid Winter Skincare Routine

Winter skincare in Michigan

Consistency is vital when keeping your skin healthy in winter. Regular maintenance is the way to go all year round, and ideally, this will be an extension of what you usually do. I like to think of it as being proactive rather than reactive. Yes, there are always things that you can do if your skin does get irritated, but the more we can do to prevent that in the first place, the better.

Establishing a regular morning and evening regime is a really good habit to get into all year round. That means cleansing and moisturizing at a minimum, with a light exfoliation twice or three times a week thrown in for good measure. You probably never go to bed with any makeup on, right? Well, just double-check that you’re not doing that now. Your face will thank you.

Whilst your face is fairly easy to get to and takes less time than your body, you can utilize your shower or bath time to take care of your legs, arms, chest, etc. Apply your body cream when your skin is still slightly damp from your shower, and you’ll be able to trap in extra moisture and really hydrate your skin deeply. Go for light coverage of lotion – full coverage, yes, but resist the urge to slap it on thick, as overloading your skin can bring its own problems. 

#2 Choose your Winter Skincare Products Wisely

Now that we’ve set a framework for a daily routine, it’s onto the products that you choose. Matching up your cleansers, toners, and moisturizers to your skin type is a key step to take. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, it’s well worth talking to a pro, as they can point you in the right direction and help you set that all-important routine.

Michigan’s Superman ice cream might not be the order of the day in winter, but you know what is? A Superman moisturizing cream – and by that, I mean a lotion that’s supercharged with goodness. Your skin is going to need some assistance during the cold weather season. It’s really easy for it to get dehydrated due to the indoor dry heat and irritated by the cold weather outside. That’s what makes a quality moisturizer so important. Put it front and center of your winter skincare kit.

The American Acadamy of Dermatology Association reminds us to apply a moisturizer with SPF protection when heading out. Just because the sun might be hiding that doesn’t mean you’re completely protected, and this type of cream will help create a barrier.

Dr. Seemal R. Desai, MD, FAAD, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, suggests using a wide-range, water-repellent product with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more. This should be applied at least 15 minutes before possible exposure and reapplied at least every two hours or after any activities like swimming or sweating. “Don’t overlook the ears, nose, lips, back of the neck, and tops of the hands and feet.”

#3 Simple Tip for Skincare in Winter is to Cover Up

Winter skin cover up

This one might sound like a no-brainer, as you’ll want to wrap up warm when you head out anyway. But covering your face with a scarf will add another protection barrier, particularly from the effects of icy winds. Another top tip is to protect your kisser in lip balm. Not only will that seal in the moisture, but it’ll also help prevent cracking and soreness. 

I haven’t talked about your hands yet. Wear gloves for protection and hand cream to help avoid dryness and cracking. Everyone has gotten used to the importance of regular hand washing in the last couple of years, so the need for hand cream has ramped up – especially when (you got it) winter sets in.

#4 Keep the Heat Down

… if you can. We all want the warm hug of a fire, a heater, a hot bath, or a shower. And while that’s all good sometimes, too much heat can stress your skin out. In terms of bathing and handwashing, it’ll help to keep the water a little cooler most of the time. Or at least finish off with a cool rinse. That’ll help keep your skin moisturized rather than dry it out further.

#5 Treat Yourself to a Facial

Treat Yourself to a Facial

I mentioned that it’s all about being proactive rather than reactive, but your skin may well still need a little extra help. With that in mind, a luxury facial is well in order. Not only will your therapist be able to work on any stresses, dryness, and damage done by winter, but they’ll also be able to give you more specific advice about your overall skincare regime.

#6 Stay Hydrated

Finally, drink water. You won’t want or need to drink as much as you would in a sweaty summer, but it’s still really important for overall skin health. And, as a bonus, it’ll help support the health of your hair, eyes, and nails, too – that’s full beauty coverage right there. One excellent method of ensuring hydration during winter is through IV drip therapy. For example, by incorporating IV drip New York therapy into your winter skincare routine, you can enjoy full beauty coverage and mitigate the potential effects of the season on your skin.

And there you have it, your top skincare tips for winter in Michigan. Enjoy the beauty of the season without having to overly worry about the effects on your skin.

#7 Use a Humidifier

Use a Humidifier

If you get a static shock whenever you touch something metal in your home, you likely need more humidity. A forced-air furnace (which most of us have here in Michigan) greatly eliminates moisture from the air. This can result in dry, itchy skin, which is very irritating. You can install a whole-house humidifier on your furnace or purchase a floor unit. Putting a tea kettle on low in a pinch does a fair job of keeping moisture in the air and eliminating those irritating static shocks.

#8 Don’t Exfoliate Too Much During The Winter

Michigan Advanced Aesthetics suggests treating your skin more delicately during the dry winter months. While exfoliation is advantageous for removing dead skin cells, it should be done less frequently in the winter because the cold, dry weather weakens the skin barrier. Exfoliating once a week is sufficient; this frequency will aid in improving your skin regeneration and enhancing moisturizer absorption. Always use exfoliating products that are specifically designed for your skin type.

Winter Skincare In Michigan – FAQs

What’s essential for Michigan winter skincare?

Key elements include hydrating products, regular moisturizing, and protection from cold winds.

How can I prevent dry skin in winter?

Use deeply hydrating creams, avoid hot showers, and drink plenty of water.

Is sunscreen necessary in winter?

Absolutely. Sunscreen protects against UV rays, even during cloudy winter days.

Michigan Winter Skincare Tips Take-A-Ways

Moisturize Frequently: Our skin tends to get dry in winter due to low humidity levels. Use a good quality moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. For better results, apply moisturizer immediately after washing your hands or bathing.

Use Sunscreen: Even in winter, skin can be damaged by harmful UV rays. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and hands about 30 minutes before going outside.

Protect Your Skin: Wear scarves, hats, and gloves to protect your skin from cold winds, rain, and snow.

Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.

Avoid Hot Showers: Hot water can strip your skin of essential oils, leaving it dry and itchy. Stick to warm or lukewarm water instead.

Use a Humidifier: A humidifier in your home can add moisture to the air and prevent your skin from drying out.

Choose Skin Care Products Wisely: Avoid alcohol products as they can dry out your skin. Look for products that contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Exfoliate Less: While exfoliating can help remove dead skin cells, doing it too often in winter can strip your skin of its natural oils. Limit exfoliating to once a week.

Eat a Healthy Diet: Eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals can help keep your skin healthy and glowing, even in the harsh winter months.

Avoid Rough Clothing: These can cause skin to itch and even cause a rash for some people. Instead, wear breathable materials like cotton or merino wool.

Don’t Forget Your Lips: Apply a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from cold winds and sun damage.

A Skincare Routine For Winter

 Skincare Routine Winter

A daily skincare routine for those living in Michigan during winter could include the following steps:

  1. Morning Routine:
    • Gentle Cleanser: Start with a hydrating cleanser to remove any overnight build-up without stripping your skin’s natural oils.
    • Moisturizing Serum: Apply a serum rich in hyaluronic acid for deep hydration.
    • Moisturizer: Use a thick, nourishing moisturizer to create a protective barrier against cold and wind.
    • Sunscreen: Finish with sunscreen, even on cloudy days, to protect against UV rays.
  2. Evening Routine:
    • Cleanser: Use the same gentle cleanser from the morning.
    • Exfoliate: Exfoliate 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin cells. Choose a mild exfoliant to avoid irritation.
    • Night Serum or Oil: Apply a serum or facial oil tailored for night-time use to support skin regeneration.
    • Night Cream: Finish with a rich night cream to deeply moisturize while you sleep.

Additionally, consider using a humidifier at home to counteract dry indoor air, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Remember, your skin’s needs can change based on the severity of the winter and your skin type.

Final Thoughts About Michigan Winter Skincare

As we wrap up our journey through the essentials of winter skincare, specially tailored for our unique Michigan winters, it’s clear that taking care of our skin during these chilly months is more than just a routine—it’s a form of self-care that resonates with our lifestyle here in Michigan.

From the rich insights shared by local experts to the tried-and-true tips from our backyards, we’ve explored many ways to keep our skin healthy and radiant, even when the temperatures drop. Remember, the right skincare approach can make all the difference in embracing the beauty of Michigan’s winter, both inside and out. So, let’s put these tips into action, share our experiences, and continue to support each other in our community’s journey toward glowing winter skin. Stay warm, stay hydrated, and most importantly, stay radiant!

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