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Discover Bird Creek County Park – Port Austin’s Beach Haven

Welcome to Bird Creek County Park, Port Austin’s premier beach destination for family fun and relaxation. With its picturesque boardwalk, dynamic splash pad, and opportunities for kayaking, this seven-acre day-use park has something for everyone. Located at the tip of Michigan’s Thumb, Bird Creek County Park is the perfect spot for your next family outing or outdoor adventure.

Port Austin Bird Creek County Park Sign

Port Austin’s Beach of Choice

Bird Creek County Park Beach in Port Austin is a  seven-acre day-use park at the tip of Michigan’s Thumb. Bird Creek features a 350-foot boardwalk along its one-acre beach with roofed picnic shelters overlooking the beach and the water.  The boardwalk includes picnic spots, benches, restrooms, a large shelter, and play areas, and shore fishing connections. The park features a large picnic Pavilion adjacent to a playground, restrooms, and shower facility. Concession stands with pop, ice cream & snacks are available on weekends.

The Kids Love the Splash Pad at Bird Creek

Splash Pad Bird Creek
Splash Pad

Kids, especially little ones, love the dyamic and engaging splash pad a the center of the park. It offers parents an easy way to oversee the little ones and even chase around the older kids with wet and clean fun.

The highlight of the splash pad at Bird Creek Park has to be the bucket dump. The large bucket slowly fills up and tips ever so slightly until…WHISH, the kids are soaked. Watch the video until the very end for a bit of fun.

Port Austin’s Prime View of the Harbor At Bird Creek County Park

Bird Creek County Park

Located in the village of Port Austin, this park is within walking distance of Lake Street. It is a favorite spot for sailors and boaters who dock at the State harbor and marina. There are nearby kayak rentals and this Port Austin beach and the park is a prime stop on the Heritage Water Trail.

Kayaking from Bird Creek County Park

Kayaking from Bird Creek County Park - Bird Creek Park

If you have your own kayak you can park and launch from the park. It’s an excellent starting point to paddle to Turnip Rock or Broken Rocks.

Kayaking to Broken Rocks

The Broken Rocks trail is a great beginner kayaker paddle for those just starting. The water is generally protected and great for families who want to get out on the water. This trail includes some unique formations and sea caves. The great finality is resting on Table Rock, where you can get out of your kayak and take a swim or have a snack. The entire paddle to Broken Rocks is completed in under two hours.

Kayaking to Turnip Rock

Kayakers heading out to Turnip Rock should monitor weather and lake conditions carefully. A quiet morning can lead to a windy endurance test if the wind picks up as the day’s heat and the wind and waves pick up.

Map of Kayak Routes to Turnip Rock or Broken Rocks

Current Kayaking Conditions Report from PAK

Map and current conditions are courtesy of Port Austin Kayak

Bird Creek Park is Within Walking Distance From Everything in Port Austin

Port Austin Farmers Market
Port Austin Farmers Market

With its convenient location in the village of Port Austin, visitors can easily walk to Lake Street, where they’ll find an array of shops, restaurants, and cafes to explore. Additionally, the park’s proximity to the State harbor and marina makes it an ideal stop for boaters and sailors seeking a scenic spot to relax and unwind. So, whether you’re spending the day at the park or venturing out to experience the local culture, Bird Creek County Park is the perfect hub for your Port Austin adventure.

FAQs On Bird Creek and Its Splash Pad

What amenities does Bird Creek County Park offer?

A1: The park features a one-acre beach, a 350-foot boardwalk, picnic shelters, restrooms, a large picnic pavilion, a playground, a shower facility, and concession stands on weekends.

What makes the splash pad at Bird Creek County Park unique?

The highlight of the splash pad is the bucket dump, a large bucket that fills up and tips over, soaking kids in a fun and exciting way.

What are the kayaking options available at Bird Creek County Park?

The park is an excellent starting point for kayaking to Turnip Rock or Broken Rocks, with the latter being a great option for beginner kayakers and families.

Final Thought on Bird Creek Park

Whether you’re looking for a fun day at the beach, an exciting kayaking trip, or want to relax and take in the beautiful harbor views, Bird Creek County Park in Port Austin is the place to be. Experience the charm of Michigan’s Thumb and create unforgettable memories at this stunning beach destination.

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