Coffee and a Sunrise over Saginaw Bay

It’s seldom that I get a chance to really view a Saginaw Bay sunrise. As we rush to get ready for work, feed the kids and let out the dog, when was the last time you really sat back and watched the sun come up. The moments before sunrise can be the most quiet of the day. This was two minutes of bliss with a hot steamy cup of coffee in one hand and a dog sniffing around the beach on an early Saturday in the first days of Fall in Michigan’s Thumb.  Notice how the lake perks up when the sun starts to hit it. Enjoy this Saginaw Bay Sunrise.

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2 thoughts on “Coffee and a Sunrise over Saginaw Bay”

  1. I watched your sunrise. I am in Pt Judith RI watching the sunrise here. Thank you for your comments as well. It’s a pleasure reading your comments. Sorry I missed out on Caseville.


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