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Wind Turbines Near a Farm 0

Huron County Wind Farm Moratorium Didn’t Stop Wind Growth in Michigan

Huron County Michigan’s 2015 moratorium on new development of wind power in Michigan’s Thumb gave rise to the possibility that other wind and solar projects would pause in the Great Lakes region. That didn’t happen

Five Islands to Explore 0

Five Amazing Great Lakes Islands to Explore

The Great Lakes contain over 35,000 islands, and many of them are uninhabited. However, a select few draw sailors and visitors from all over North America during the brief summer tourist season. Here are...

Great Lake Beach Access Supreme Court 2

Supreme Court Won’t Take Case to Decide Great Lakes Beach Access

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear an Indiana case on exactly who should have access to Great Lakes beaches. The case, BOBBIE GUNDERSON, V. STATE OF INDIANA, hoped to settle the question of...

Great Lakes Compact Title 0

Lame Duck Republican Governors Attempt Make It Easier to Steal Great Lakes Water

Proposed rules changes to the Great Lakes Compact will make it easier for petitioners to ask for a water diversion and alter some of the provisions in the current rules that outline the need for public comment.

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