The Oakland Hotel: A Glimpse into St. Clair’s Luxurious Past

The Oakland Hotel is a beloved St. Clair, Michigan treasure, offering guests an unforgettable glimpse into the town’s rich history and architectural heritage. From its early days as a bustling hub for tourists and industrial workers to its current status as a beautifully restored and modernized landmark, the hotel remains a vital part of the community’s identity.

Famous Wisconsin Foods – We Rank 20 Of the Best

Over the past year, we have made several trips to Wisconsin to see family. We found that in the land of brewing beer and dairy farms, there are many famous Wisconsin foods. We’ve uncovered abundant comfort foods such as brats, cheese dips, pasties, cream puffs, and Kringles. But one American favorite makes a list with this simple, delicious topping.

The Saginaw Trail

The Saginaw Trail is the oldest and most traveled route in the Indian trail system in Michigan. Starting from the Straits of Detroit to Saginaw. It was a trading route with many other trails leading off. Today the trail is denoted as a great American Roadway starting with Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

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