Category: Michigan Gardening

Posts and tips on gardening in the Great Lake state. Specifically in the challenging environment of the Michigan shoreline.

Attract Hummingbirds 0

Attract Orioles and Hummingbirds to Your Cottage

Attract Hummingbirds and Orioles to Your Cottage – Colorful feeders placed early in the season will draw these little visitors to your yard.

Winter Survival 4

Backyard Winter Survival Fun

This was a post from the great winter we had in 2014 when we were blessed with ongoing snow throughout much of the year. Here is what can happen when some kids get bored of video games.  Snow Provides the Fun The day after Christmas...


Straw Bale Garden in The Thumb

The idea of straw bale gardening from a book by Joel Karsten. Joel comes to us from Minnesota where the growing season is incredibly short and the soil tough to cultivate.

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