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The states around the Great Lakes have more registered boats and vessels then any other in the US. We love a great story about the lakes and we seek to tell it here.

Below are some of our best Great Lakes Sailing & Boating Stories.


Boat Names – Transom Charm

Boat Names – Stern Personality  “The boat name you select may not seem like an important thing. But, considering the strong feelings many of us have for our boats; the fact that we put so much work, and sweat and...

3 great sailing movies 3

Three Great Sailing Movies

These are our top three sailing movies that we can watch again and again.

Sailboats Out on the Hard on Saginaw Bay 0

2012 Great Lake Water Levels Drop – Marina’s Scramble

Five years ago the entire Great Lakes was witness to low water levels not seen since 1964. Marina’s were dredging, boats were being damaged on shallow reefs not seen a generation and lake shipping was facing hard times.  

9th-coast-guard-district-icon 2

US Coast Guard for the Great Lakes

Michigan is a great spot for a holiday break or vacation spot.  There are loads of things to do – something to keep the whole family busy. In summer, there’s endless water activities on the Lake and of course in...

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