Henry Schoolcraft Travels to Charity Island 1820

Shawangunk - Charity Island Water Trail

Henry Schoolcraft was asked to join an expedition organized by Governor Cass of Michigan in 1819. Its purpose was to locate the source of the Mississippi River’ and explore the Great Lakes region. As an expert mineralogist, he was tasked with describing Michigan’s significant topographical features, natural history, and mineral wealth. The expedition took approximately 40 men in five long voyageur canoes commonly used in the fur trade on the Great Lakes. At 35 feet long and 6 feet wide, the canoe had an amazing capacity of four tons. They started the journey on May 24, 1820.

6 Appealing Reasons Why Students Should Travel

Man Overlooking Sea

We review 6 reasons why students should travel during their formative years in secondary or post-secondary schools and colleges.

In addition to the many educational benefits of traveling, it will also change how you see things and have a noticeable positive effect on your overall personality and well-being.