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AI System ChatGPT Kinda Knows Which Sites Cover Michigan’s Thumb

Recently, I have been experimenting with various “new” AI technologies. I say new because, as an IT professional, I was working with AI technologies back in the 1990s with a concept called expert systems. They’ve come a long way, and it’s very interesting to see the results you get when interacting with an AI system.

The most common and noteworthy AI technology that has gotten much attention recently has been ChatGPT. They aim to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI), which they define as highly autonomous systems that do more economically valuable work better than humans, is suitable for all of humanity.

This AI chat tool is free to use. Once registered you can come back to the tool again and again and it will record and keep the results from your various chats. 

Which Sites Does AI Think Cover Michigan’s Thumb?

I went online and asked it a simple question, “Please give me a list of bloggers who have a niche with Michigan’s Thumb region” Here is the answer that ChatGPT gave.

Sure! Here is a list of bloggers who have a niche in Michigan’s Thumb Region:

  1. Thumbwind – A blog that covers news, history, events, and lifestyle in Michigan’s Thumb Region.
  2. Visit the Thumb – A blog that provides travel recommendations and highlights Michigan’s Thumb Region’s attractions and natural beauty.
  3. Discover the Blue – A blog that covers events, travel, and activities in Michigan’s Thumb Region.
  4. A Rural Journey – A blog focusing on the small towns and rural areas in Michigan’s Thumb Region.
  5. Life in Michigan’s Thumb – A blog that covers the lifestyle, events, and attractions in Michigan’s Thumb Region.
  6. The Thumb Print News – A blog that provides news, features, and opinions on current events in Michigan’s Thumb Region.
  7. The Daily Tribune – A news blog that covers local news, events, and community information in Michigan’s Thumb Region.
  8. Huron County View – A blog that provides news and information on events and happenings in Huron County.
  9. Sanilac County News – A blog that covers news and events in Sanilac County.
  10. Tuscola Today – A blog that covers news, events, and lifestyle in Tuscola County.

Its Still Not Perfect…But Promising

As I expected, three out of the ten results didn’t exist. Chat GPT made him up. Five of the results were from daily or weekly newspapers. So I felt good that Discover the Blue and Thumbwind were among the top three results the ChatGPT knew about.

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