Will The Great Lakes Water Be Oasis For Drought-Stricken America?

Great Lakes from Space

An Idaho radio station cites the political power of the western states as a potential lever to pump Great Lakes water to drought-stricken west.

Is it possible that the entire Great Lakes Region could become an oasis for a water-starved America.

Synthetic Reality of Lonely Social Media

Great Lakes Beach Walking

Lonely Social Media

An aspiring young author pens a  jolting observation about one of the largest Social Media sites in the world.

Facebook is like a massive party that you were sort of invited to, where you pretty much know everyone. But they are all with friends that you don’t know and are doing their own thing. You walk around, occasionally giving thumbs up to what someone said only to receive a slight nod or to be blindly ignored. You continue walking around finding things amusing, sometimes even enter a conversation. Then you see friends that you once were very fond of. They are off busy with their own friends. You want to say something; however, you hesitate and keep walking around. They don’t notice you at all.

So, you find yourself looking at friends who now have a relationship. Watching people hang out with their friends. Hearing all the different lives live on all around you. Everyone is smiling. 30+ people thumbs up someone who talks about the snow. Another person does the same, except no one thumbs up or comments on what they said at all. You finally stop and realize. You are alone, walking around, watching everyone enjoy their own lives. You are merely a spectator.

I’m sorry. But seems to me like the most cruel and lonesome party I’ve ever been too.

Ethan Hardy is an aspiring writer and student. He is a wilderness canoe guide in northern Minnesota.

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