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Top 10 Best States to Live In the USA – After Covid

The good news is that many cities have picked up from where they left after the pandemic. That’s why anyone considering transferring to another region right now will find several states worth the effort. So, what are the best states to live in the USA in 2022? 

When the COVID pandemic hit, it hit hard and put a standstill on many parts of the nation’s structure, especially with the widespread lockdown. For many people, this meant a crisis of unemployment and little to no wages. Three years after the pandemic, people still seek greener pastures offering favorable employment, weather, living standards, and a booming economy. So let’s review what are the 10 best states to live in.

#10 Colorado

Colorado gets a lot of attention primarily for its urban-rural lifestyle. Plus, Colorado has a healthy culture that makes it one of the healthiest states to live in America. This is thanks to their healthy food options and outdoor activities residents can leverage. 

  1. Education: 24th
  2. Cost of living: 7% higher than the national average
  3. Median annual wage: $56,669
  4. State income tax: flat income tax rate of 4.63%
  5. Unemployment rate: 3.7%

#9 Nebraska

Nebraska is the best states to live in the USA for people hoping to get good jobs. It hordes several Fortune 500 companies, making it easy to get jobs no matter the industry. Consider the standard of living, and the state won’t disappoint anyone, no matter their wages. The cost of living is low in Nebraska, and so is getting a house. 

  • Education: 9th
  • Cost of living: 13th lowest
  • Median annual wage: $38,780
  • State income tax: 5.58% to 7.50%
  • Unemployment rate: 4th lowest at 2.1

#8 Florida

Tampa Beaches – Photo by Eric Deeran

Florida houses some of the most popular cities, from Tampa to Melbourne, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Daytona Beach, Pensacola, and Port St. Lucie. These cities are known for their affordable homes, mild weather, and low cost of living. However, for Boston to Florida movers, the most significant reason they move to Florida is its zero state income tax policy. 

  • Education: 42nd
  • Cost of living: 31st
  • Median annual wage: $48,174
  • State income tax: none
  • Unemployment rate: 13th

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#7 Virginia

Located centrally on the East Coast, Virginia is the best states to live in the USA if you are a nature and history lover paradise. However, its strong economy, low crime rate, and sound healthcare system make this place exceptional. Anyone considering moving to this region will have a great experience in places like Blacksburg. 

  • Education: 12th
  • Cost of living: 27th
  • Median annual wage: $76,456
  • State income tax: 2%
  • Unemployment rate: 10th

#6 Maryland

If anyone is ever asked about the wealthiest districts in the US, the answer should be Maryland. According to CNBC, this metro hoards the largest millionaire population in America. 1 in 12 households is typically worth over $1 million. That’s not all! 

The educational standards in this region are top-notch. New migrants will find some of the best private and public schools here. Job opportunities are also surplus, no matter the niche, especially in Baltimore. This is probably thanks to its closeness to the nation’s capital. 

  • Education: second most educated district in the US
  • Cost of living: 23rd
  • Median annual wage: $87,063
  • State income tax: 2% 
  • Unemployment rate: 4.3%

#5 Vermont

Vermont – Photo by John Holm

People who don’t mind the small-town lifestyle will love Vermont. Unlike the more significant metropolis, Vermont is one of the best states to live in the USA, thanks to the healthy neighborhood lifestyle. From the friendly locals to the social culture and casual way of life, Vermont will be a suitable place for retirees. It boasts of large, pristine parks and sustainable industries that make a living in a little town comfortable.

  • Education: 18th
  • Cost of living: $47,397 in 2021
  • Median annual wage:  $76,439
  • State income tax: 6%
  • Unemployment rate: 2.0%

#4 Utah

Utah brings many financial benefits to its residents, from the flat income tax rate of 4.95% to the affordable real estate market; new residents can quickly get a house in any neighborhood without worrying about the challenge of high tax rates. The district is also known for its breathtaking landscape, low crime rate, and high quality of life. Nature lovers will have access to mountain views. 

  • Education: 10th
  • Cost of living: 28th
  • Median annual wage: $49.262 per year
  • State income tax: flat income tax rate of 4.95%. 
  • Unemployment rate: 2nd lowest  in the nation at 2.0%

#3 Minnesota

Hiawatha and Minnehaha – in Minneapolis

One step into Dinkytown in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and you will fall in love with the place. Minnesota is one of the best states to live in the USA because of its high-quality educational facilities, excellent housing options, surplus job opportunities, and low unemployment rates. It is also the home of the most incredible places to visit in the Upper Midwest.

Plus, movers who love festive occasions will enjoy living in Minnesota. The best state to live in for families, and the city is a top destination for festivals and hosts one of the biggest state fairs in the US, making it one of the friendliest places in America. 

  • Education: 17th
  • Cost of living: 22nd
  • Median annual wage: $52,678
  • State income tax: none
  • Unemployment rate: the lowest in the nation at 1.8%

#2  New Hampshire

The US Need and World Report ranks New Hampshire as the second-best state to live in the USA. Why? Simply for low crime and property rates and its excellent quality of life. New residents will enjoy the experience of living in New Hampshire because it boasts a robust economy and natural scenery. 

  • Education: 13th
  • Cost of living: 23rd
  • Median annual wage: $63,080 per year
  • State income tax: none
  • Unemployment rate: second lowest in the nation at 2.5%

#1 Washington

Pike Street Market – Seattle – Photo by Ben Dutton

Washington, located around the Pacific Northwest, is one of the best state in USA to live in. Like the nation’s capital, this district has beautiful terrains that make it stand out. From the sprawling forests to the mystical creatures residents say it houses, new residents will find incredulous tales and sights to keep them busy. There’s more! 

According to the US police statistics, the district also boasts low violent and property crime rates, making it a safe place. Even the weather is relatively moderate, especially towards its eastern part. 

  • Education: 4th
  • Median annual wage: 4th highest in the nation at $75,550 per year 
  • State income tax: none
  • Unemployment rate: 4.2% in March 2022

Final Thoughts on The Best States To Live In The USA After Covid

There are over 50 states to choose from in the US when considering relocation. However, these ten best states to live in USA 2022 listed here rank higher. From the high quality of life to the excellent weather conditions, health-centered culture, and eco-friendly environment, new residents will find that exploring these states will be an enjoyable experience. 

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