Michigan Beach Closures & Advisories

Thumbwind is reporting on the most current beach closures and advisories on our main page sidebar. The information comes from the Michigan BeachGuard System, a public resource provided by Michigan DEQ for information on Michigan beach water quality sampling results and beach advisories and closures. It monitors testing results in over 1,200 public and 572 private beaches throughout Michigan.

The monitoring of beaches in Michigan is voluntary and is administered by the local health departments. A local health officer or an authorized representative of a local health department that conducts tests at bathing beaches is required to report to the MDEQ and other entities the test results within 36 hours of conducting a test or evaluation. Owners of public bathing beaches must post a sign that states whether or not the bathing beach has been tested, and if so, the area of the test results.

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10 Most Recent Beach Closures and Advisories

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