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A Fishing Birthday Party – 6 Steps to Catch Alot Of Fun

Birthdays are one of the only days you can call “your day.” It’s a day full of doing what you want, getting presents and everyone letting you know how important you are to them. With that comes celebrations and parties. Parties are a stressful thing to handle. And on top of that, a theme?! Ugh, get over it. (But you’re not afraid to do so, which is why you clicked on it!)

If you are throwing a party for someone who likes fishing, you might want to give them a party centered on that. Then they can enjoy their special day doing something they really enjoy.

But how exactly do you pull it off? Before you stress yourself out with this question, this article will provide the solution. We will cover the basics of creating the perfect balance between parties and fishing to give your loved one the best fishing birthday party ever. Let’s begin.

1. Get Fishing Supplies

Fishing Party Tackle Box
Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

To achieve a fish-themed party, you need to bring the vibes of a “good ol’ Sunday fishing with the guys.” This doesn’t mean just having a blue backdrop. You will need some fish supplies to go with it! For example, you can get small silver buckets, lures, and mini fishing rods. Or you can buy candy fish and sour worms. These supplies can make your party extravagant, giving it a more realistic feeling. So go all out. Some of the supplies that you can get are listed below:

  • Fishing rods
  • Fishing reels
  • Lures
  • Bite indicators
  • Spears
  • Nets
  • Traps

If the things above don’t suit your taste, you can get customized supplies that might remind your guest of honor of the good old days. One place we recommend checking out is! We found amazing mugs, shirts, and goodies that you can offer guests to wear. On top of that, even creative gifts will put a beautiful smile on their faces. How cool is that!

2. Make Baked Goods

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Long gone are the days when parties consisted of a simple cake and a dinner. Now people are stepping up their game with more specialty items, such as extra baked goods. Now how can you make it fish-like? Simple! With the power of icing and fondant, anything can be given a fish theme! You can bake cupcakes and decorate them with candy fish or sour worms. Make a snack mix by adding popcorn, dry fruits, and nuts with goldfish crackers on top. Bake brownies using fish molds to get the perfect shape. You can even search for other food items that are shaped like fish for a perfect touch to a fishing birthday party.

For an easier option, get small fish stickers and put them on toothpicks. You can use these on wrapped presents or decorations. Instant fish theme!

Try this out: Fill a small silver bucket with fish crackers and candies, label the bucket with your desired message, and voila! You’ve got a “bucket full of fish” after a long day of fishing, which is sure to impress your guests.

3. Plan Games Which Are Reminiscent of Fishing

Fishing Games for Kids
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

So what’s next on a birthday list? Games! You can’t get a party started without some entertainment. And for a theme like this, we have some ideas for both kids and adults!

Kids: Catch the fish! Make some people wear a fish costume, and others will try their best to catch as many “fish” as possible! Hold a drawing competition. Or even do a reward system where they will get a candy for every fish name they can guess…you get the idea. Not all the games have to be fish-themed. With a gorgeous location at a lake, the kids will find something to play with. Let them go all out and decide what they want to do to entertain themselves.

Adults: Fish or Wish. (We even came up with a name!) This is a drinking game that involves catching fish. But there is a twist. Hold a competition on who can catch the most fish, and the losing team takes a shot or completes a wish/dare from the opposite team. Sounds like a great game suited for this theme. Otherwise, listen to music that gets you in your element, talk about fishing, make plans, or watch sailing movies (duh, who doesn’t enjoy that!). Then, wander around and explore the location. Locations can be the basis of the party, which we will be covering next.

Kids: Fishing Obstacle Course

Create an inflatable obstacle course resembling a river filled with various fish obstacles. Kids can navigate through the course, dodging inflatable fish and collecting points along the way. Then incorporated hidden treasures within the obstacle course, adding an exciting element to the game. These custom-printed inflatable solutions will certainly serve as great entertainment tools and make the day for all the kids involved.

Adults: Fisherman’s Ring Toss

Create an inflatable ring toss game with fish-shaped targets. Participants use inflatable rings to toss onto the fish’s tail or fins. Award points based on the difficulty of the toss. Depict vibrant and playful fish designs to enhance the game’s aesthetic.

4. Location Matters!

Fishing Party Location
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Where you host, your fishing birthday party is the most important aspect here. You need to be able to fish somewhere! Being in the land of fish, you have dozens of places to go. If you really, REALLY want your theme to remind you of Sunday fishing, go outdoors. We suggest going for Lake St. Clair, Burt/Mullet Lakes Bays de Noc, Saginaw Bay, Lake Charlevoix, Grand Traverse Bay, or one of the countless other lakes here in Michigan.

Don’t like the outdoors? Just make sure to take time with the decorations and make it go with the theme. The fishing element might not be there, but you can easily make one by simply buying an aquarium full of fish that you can customize from any fishery or pet store. Then take a rod and start fishing!

5. Set up a Dress Code for the Fishing Birthday Party

A dress code always makes a party vibrant. For a classic, you can tell people to wear blue or denim. For details, tell them to wear hats, overalls, and bring buckets or fishing rods. If they find nothing to wear to make it fish-like, just bring an actual fish with you (we mean it, just make sure you don’t become a smelly cat..quick reference there!). This step is not needed, but if you are ready to go overboard, then go ahead and do so!

6. Bonus! Some Activities You Can Implement at Your Party

Fishing Party Life Jacket

Now that we’ve covered the main stuff, we would like to share some extra things you can add to your fishing birthday party.

Bring with you blow-up inflatables and floats for extra safety. For instance, custom-made inflatable jet skis are a great addition that can add activities for kids while adults are fishing. These custom-made inflatables are designed with safety in mind and are a great way to keep kids entertained while adults are fishing. These are perfect for young kids who want to have fun in the water and adults who want to relax and fish simultaneously. 

If you are going for a fishing birthday party, make sure to cater to foods that offer fish. Get a range of fish dishes like fish ’n chips, baked fish, fish tacos, crab dip, and so much more. Plus, once you catch a fresh fish, make sure to have an open BBQ so your guests can cook it and enjoy it right there.

Hire some boats and canoes and let your people roam around the lake, catching fresh fish and getting excited. How exciting is that! Make sure an adult is there to guide the kids if they are willing to join, too. Keep First-Aid nearly in case any mishap occurs. If you are planning to sail, make sure to go through maintenance on the sailboat before you hit the lakes.

And do not forget the cake too. It’s a birthday celebration, so make sure they get a cake worth remembering. Birthday parties are incomplete without a cake.

Before we end it here, we have one more bonus element that can make it a full-circle moment. Of course, we can’t just let you fish like that. There are some basic protocols you need to follow to enjoy the birthday party to the fullest.

Wear your life jacket when on a boat and ensure all your guests wear one, especially the children.

Keep an eye on weather conditions if you’re going out on a boat.

Don’t get bold and fish in areas that are restricted. This is for your own safety.

Evaluate factors specific to fishing safety in each environment.

Carry extra supplies with you like water, your phone, and protein bars. 

Always wear footgear appropriate to the conditions.

Stay protected. Wear SPF of at least 15 and reapply it throughout the day. Wear appropriate clothing. 

Use appropriate insect protection measures, including proper clothing and repellents.

Keep fishing knives sharp and always cover the blade when not in use. 

Handle fish carefully and gently. 

Use caution when baiting and removing hooks as it might injure your fingers. 

Clean Up

photo of girl having fun in birthday party
Photo by samaraagenstvo feeria on

Cleaning up after a fishing birthday party can be both daunting and satisfying. As the guests bid their goodbyes, it’s time to restore order to your space. Clearing away empty cups and plates, you embark on the task of removing remnants of the celebration. If your kids played with stickers refer to StickerYou as to how to clean them off. As you peel stickers from walls and furniture, you reminisce about the laughter and joyful conversations that adorned your home. With each sticker carefully lifted, you uncover stories and memories that will forever be embedded in the fabric of the occasion. Embracing the bittersweet moment, you take pride in restoring your space to its former charm, bidding farewell to the remnants of a night well spent.


Cake for a Fishing Birthday Party
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

There you go! All the tips and tricks you can use to start creating your fishing birthday party today. You can use these for any age group, and there is always room for adjustment. Don’t limit yourself to these ideas: Add your own spin and personality. Explore your options. After all, this is your party, and you will be the main planner for it. These are just a few tips to get your brainstorming started! Michigan is a heaven for fishermen, so there will be plenty of new ideas that can emerge from it. But for now, I hope these ideas can help you blow your party out of the water! What are some of your ideas? Let us know! Thank you for reading!

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