9 Best Dog Breeds for Camping and Hiking Enthusiasts

By Mike Powell of dogembassy.com

Do you enjoy being active outdoors? We wanted to know the best dog breeds for camping. Some dog breeds enjoy it as much as you do, too!

Active dogs can provide extra fun and excitement to your outdoor adventures if you let them join you. Not only can they add fun, but even years in your lifetime! Aside from a healthy diet and regular exercise, science posits that dogs are essential factors to help you live longer.

So, what’s stopping you from adding a furry friend to get you in tip-top shape?

In this article, we rounded up the top 9 dogs best suited for camping and hiking enthusiasts. Check them out below:

#1 Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky - Dog Breeds for Camping
Siberian Husky – Image by monicore from Pixabay

This dog breed was originally bred to help humans pull carts and sleds across long distances under the freezing Russian weather. Siberian Huskies are working dogs with playful spirits and loyal hearts, making sure they are always ready for any adventure.

#2 Labrador Retriever

This dog sits atop The United States’ most popular breed for more than 20 years, and for a good reason. It is an all-rounder breed: offering lots of love, loyalty, intelligence, and energy to keep up with your active lifestyle. Born with an instinct to swim, it’s no wonder how this breed made it to our list, too.

#3 Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd - Dog Breeds for Camping
Australian Shepherd – Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Adventurous, intelligent, and loyal, an Australian Shepherd can withstand any weather. Originally bred as herding dogs, this breed is also known for its obedience and agility, making it an ideal hiking partner.

#4 German Shorthaired Pointer

Originally used as a hunting dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer makes an excellent camping and hiking companion—it’s big but not too bulky and it enjoys strenuous activities in various climates. Don’t forget to give this kind of giant some good treats after a tiring hike!

#5 Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog - Dog Breeds for Camping
Australian Cattle Dog – Image by marion802105 from Pixabay

Don’t be fooled by its cuteness. Behind its adorable features lies a loyal heart and a lively spirit. The Australian Cattle Dog is a very active pooch that does best outside and inside your home, provided that it has adequate physical exercise and high-quality dog food too!

#5 Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog breed possesses a massive body built but a gentle personality, making it the perfect dog to bring during group camping. The Bernese Mountain Dog enjoys all sorts of fun in nature, making it the ideal fluffy dog to hike and camp with.

#6 Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback - Dog Breeds for Camping
Rhodesian Ridgeback – Image by du_weist_schon_wer from Pixabay

Initially bred in Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are hounds used for hunting for many hours. Strong and active, these dogs possess an adventurous spirit and a kind heart towards their families, making them excellent pet dogs for active families.

#7 Alaskan Malamute

Like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes were originally bred to pull sleds and carts, so it’s innate for them to enjoy even the most strenuous hikes and longest camping adventures. These dogs may not be as fast on the trail, but you’ll be amazed by their endurance!

#8 Brittany

Brittney - Dog Breeds for Camping
Brittany – Image by doloresa burd from Pixabay

This dog breed is one of the smallest hunting dogs. Brittanys works best outside, may it be on land or water. They’re jolly, extremely playful, sweet, and friendly, making them ideal companions of families who have children and active adults.

#9 Border Collie

One of the best athletes in the canine world, Border Collies are mid-sized dogs that have high levels of energy and intelligence. They are loyal, devoted, and they love playing sports a lot! Take note that this breed is the type who gets lonely when left alone!

Conclusion and Take-A-Ways

Editor Note: These are just some of the best dog breeds for camping. There are many more to consider for their abilities and temperament. Before getting a dog, be sure you’re ready for the responsibility. They become part of the family, and to the dog, you’re the leader of the pack. Be ready to keep all of these breeds exercised, properly fed, attended by a veterinarian, and active. If they are going to spend much of their day locked in a create, maybe getting a dog is not for you.

Author bio

Mike loves dogs and the connection they share with humans. He writes about dogs on his website, Dog Embassy, to help pet owners take good care of their furry friends.

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