6 Things to Do In The Amazing Colors of Elkton Michigan

The village of Elkton, Michigan in Huron County was first known as Oliver Center from its location in Oliver Township (named for pioneer settler John Oliver) when organized in 1877. The village was founded in 1886 by W. J. McGillivray, a blacksmith who built the first house here. He named it to commemorate his killing of a huge elk entangled in his wife’s clothesline. Simon Hoffman became the first postmaster on Nov. 24, 1886. The location was a station on the Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron Railroad. Incorporated as a village in 1897. Today Elkton is a vibrant agricultural community hosting many festivals throughout the year. Elkton sits in the middle of what is considered the Wind Energy capital of Michigan.

Things to Do in Elkton Michigan

Elkon hosts a great nine-hole golf course. Century Oaks Golf Course offers a challenging course and a wonderful clubhouse with great food. If it’s a rainy day, they also have pool tables and a golf simulator.

Century Oaks Golf Course
Century Oaks Golf Course

Suppose you want a great bar burger and beer, head over to the Hitching Post Inn. The building was once a hotel, and you can see an interesting arrangement of stained glass.

Elkon also has an interesting collection of colorful murals. Some are prominently displayed, while others are located in a quiet alley or sidestreet. They are interesting to find. Most have the hashtag of the artist #LVMELKTON.

Elkton Mi Log Cabin Museum

Enos Mayhew built this 18 x 22-foot Michigan pioneer log cabin in 1865, just north of Pinnebog. It consists of two stories with an upper dormer design similar to the Baur and Notter cabins near Pigeon.

Log Cabin in Elkton Michigan
Log Cabin in Elkton Michigan

The Cabin was donated by Dr. & Mrs. Henry Schoenhals of Port Austin to the Elkton Historical Society. In 1987 it was dismantled, moved, and restored at the southeast corner of Ackerman memorial park in Elkton. The Elkton Historical Society maintains the cabin. Limited hours of visiting. Free admission. Call before you visit.

Huron County has the largest collections of pioneer log cabins in the State of Michigan. The Pigeon Historical Society is in the process of restoring an 1860s log cabin from the Ora Labora Colony.

The Thumb Animal Shelter In Elkton Michigan

Adopt a dog - Thumb Animal Shelter - Elkton Michigan
Courtesy Thumb Animal Shelter

Elkton is home to the Thumb Animal Shelter if you’re looking for a companion dog or an addition to your own family. The shelter was established in 1996 by Deen Forster and her late husband, Ron. They both have a lifetime passion for dogs; they are dedicated to saving the lives of as many of the homeless canines in Huron County as we can. If you want to see who is available for adoption, visit the Thumb Animal Shelter Facebook Page.

Elkton Michigan Autumn Fest

During the end of the summer, Elkton hosts its annual Autumn Fest during Labor Day weekend. This is three days of music, food, contests, and fun. One of the weekend highlights is the Thumb Tractor pull Association’s Pickup Tractor and Pickup Pull event. Considered the largest in the State of Michigan. Check out the Elkton Autumn Fest Facebook page for their latest updates.

Elkton Michigan Autumn Fest

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