September 27, 2023

Harvest Wind Farm I & II Details and Reports

Wind Farm
Harvest Wind Farm
Harvest Wind I Wind Farm

The Harvest I & II Wind Project is owned by Exelon Generation. Phase I of this wind farm has been in operation since 2008. Phase II began operations in 2012. The renewable energy project was Michigan’s first commercial-scale wind farm.

The Harvest Wind Farm is located over 3,200 acres in Huron County’s Oliver and Chandler Townships near Elkton and Pigeon, Michigan. Phase I of the wind farm consists of 32 Vestas V82 wind turbines, producing 1.65 megawatts of electricity. The total project capacity will be 52.9 megawatts. This site spreads over a 5-mile irregular area. The Harvest II wind farm was built in 2012 during the wind energy boom. Located near Pigeon, Michigan, its 33 turbines produce 59.4 megawatts.

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