The Charity Island Dinner Cruise – What I Learned

Mike Hardy

Author of a fun loving and event blog covering topics of the Upper Thumb of Michigan , the wind energy capital of the Great Lakes. Offering great trove of information on Wind Energy, Cheeseburger in Caseville, Saginaw Bay, Sailing.

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  1. Great story about a unique, enjoyable and fun journey to that island in the middle of Saginaw Bay. Imagine all the history of Charity Island and you’ll see how so many explorers (and now tourists) love this destination. Captain Tom and crew always do a great job — we highly recommend this trip. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gary Gerometta says:

    Going out to Big Charity was so much fun back in the 70’s. Pulling up to the beach just east of the lighthouse and always had to anchor offshore just a bit. Could still walk thru the house and up to the top of the lighthouse. Took 20 -30 minutes from Sand Point depending on wave height.

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