Tour Michigan’s Thumb to Getaway From It All

If you’re looking for a Michigan tour to totally getaway we can help. This 15-minute video is a great review of some of the highlights of Michigan’s Thumb.  With 150 miles of shoreline, the contrast between the rocky, rugged Lake Huron side is to the sugar sand and calm waters of Saginaw Bay. The Thumb region is a great area to explore.

M-25 Roadway - Tour Michigan's Thumb
M-25 Loops Around the Thumb

M-25 is considered one of Michigan’s earliest scenic highways as most of it closely hugs the shore all the way around the Thumb. The route passes by the historic site of White Rock. A scared native site and a treaty marker that ceded all land south of it to the early European settlers. On to Port Hope which is home to a completely restored railway depot from the early 1900s. Past Harbor Beach with this large harbor and lighthouse. Finally take a morning kayak trip to Turnip Rock out of Port Austin. Deemed one of the most unusual rock formations in America.

Tour Michigan’s Thumb Video

This video is from Great Getaways a television travel series that spotlights active getaway adventures across the Midwest and Canada with an emphasis on the outdoors. This video hits all the major highlights of Michigan Road Trip to the Upper Thumb.

Great Getaways 1101 Tour The Thumb [Full Episode]
Take a video road tour
  • A favorite tour of Michigan Thumb road trip for a motorcyclists is the Michigan State Highway M-25. It’s a 147-mile scenic two-lane trunk line running from Port Huron to Bay City Michigan. M-25 Ribbon Around the Thumb
  • The annual Cheeseburger in Caseville is a chance to experience a bit of Key West atmosphere, Jimmy Buffet music and indulge in cheeseburgers in paradise. In prior years, officials placed estimates were that over 100,000 people visited the area during its 10 day festival. A Day Trip to Cheeseburger in Caseville
  • I think you will agree that every state has their favorite foods. Massachusetts has their clam chowder. Louisiana has gumbo while Texas and Missouri both claim the BBQ has their own. Michigan food is blessed with such variance in culture and resources that you can’t pin down any specific Michigan foods as being “the” iconic favorite. Eight Michigan Foods You have to Try
  • Michigan led the nation with the development of roadside parks. In 1918 the Iron County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of land to establish Michigan’s first roadside park and picnic tables on US-2. This was quite likely America’s first such facility. Michigan Roadside Parks – Jenks

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