Port CRESCENT State park

Late Fall at Michigan’s Port Crescent State Park

Michigan’s Port Crescent State Park is one of the wildest and largest parks on Saginaw Bay. From its beaches you don’t see a single cottage or sign of civilization. These shots were taken in 2003. We fired up an old computer and found many cool shots we will post in the times ahead. Enjoy.

Port Cresent SP Michigan
Port Cresent State Park

Today the park looks extremely wild and untamed. However this vast park was once a thriving lumber town. Much of the campground was built on the site of a former town; Port Crescent. The only remnant that remains is a small portion of a brick chimney near the campground entrance.

Port Cresent State Park River Bank
Port Cresent State Park Beach North
Port Cresent State Park Beach South
Port Cresent State Park Beach South II
Port Cresent State Park Sea Oat
Port Cresent State Park Bones
Port Cresent State Park Shore

About Port Cresent State Park

Saginaw Bay Shore

The Port Crescent State Park sits on the site of a former lumbering town. Just about all the traces of the former town are gone. The two exceptions are the base of a crumbling chimney near the campground and and old iron bridge at the trailhead near the Pinnebog river.

The park is home to a dark sky preserve, three miles of sandy shoreline, a modern campground and a boardwalk. Evan more fun can be had with ample areas for fishing, canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, birding and hunting.

As a Dark Sky Preserve, one of only seven in Michigan, there is some of the most exceptional stargazing for amateurs and astronomers. So the park is the place to be after dark. The park is protected against light pollution. The best location in the park for viewing stars is near the day use parking lot, where a viewing platform is available.

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