Outside Lab Vindicates Vintage Corelle Dishes – Determines Dishware Is OK For Everyday use

Vintage Corelle Dishes

Last May, I was reading a site from Lead Safe Mama that indicated that all of the vintage Corelle dishes that we had picked up from friends, relatives, and thrift stores through the years contain lead in the decretive pattern on the outside of each dish. Until now, there were no lab tests on vintage … Read more

Isaac Diener Photography – Obsessed with the Keweenaw Peninsula Night Sky

Keweenaw Peninsula

Isaac Diener, a 46-year-old photographer living in the town of Hancock in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, is obsessed. He loves the sky, mainly the night sky, as it appears over Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula no matter what time of year it is. Isaac Diener has been obsessed with the skies above Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula since moving to … Read more

Collection of Ora Labora Letters Discovered in Ohio

Trace Magazine

Archives of Michigan is now in possession of a collection of Ora Labora letters written in English and Old German by Emil and Bertha Baur and other family members. They were found in Cincinnati in 1974 and sent to the Historical Society of Michigan in 2018. They are in process of being prepared for availability online