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ThumbBot ChatBot is One Year Old

Michigan’s First Travel ChatBot?


We are always looking for new ways to show great information about Michigan’s Thumb. Last year we started a development effort on something completely new. ThumbWind now has a ChatBot to help you find cool stuff about Huron County attractions and things to do. You can use your mobile phone, tablet or PC  to ask it questions and make suggestions about things to see and do at the tip of the Thumb. We created an automated ChatBot to assist in finding great stuff to do.

We looked at the calendar and saw that our little Bot had a birthday in August.  While we are not totally sure, we may be the first regional travel themed ChatBot in Michigan.  Yeah! We are breaking new ground here! 

What is a ChatBot?

Chatbots are widely used as part of instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger for entertainment, and customer service. They offer the ability to offer a two-way text dialog with a user with news, weather reports, driving directions, movie times, stock quotes, and other information using an Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language programing. 

What will ThumbBot do?

Michigan ChatBot

For example, if you want to see a lighthouse, type in and enter “Lighthouse”. The Bot will show you options to see a lighthouse video, or show you a story about all the lighthouses or see a story on the Harbor Beach lighthouse.  Likewise, the ThumbBot has neat tidbits of information on golf, beaches hotels, marinas and 20 other opportunities for fun and exploration. 

What if it doesn’t know what I’m asking?

ChatBotThumbBot is still a baby bot. The Bot is still learning,  and more information gets added to it each month. If you ask it something it can’t answer we will know and make it smart enough to get you an answer next time. 

How do I get to ThumbBot?

You can access on ThumbWind’s Facebook Page and click on the Messenger button. Or you can search for “Michigan’s Thumb” in Facebook Messenger. Either way, we are looking forward to your first visit.

Above all,  join us in the fun. Over one hundred of our friends have tried our new ThumbBot and helped it to improve. The more it’s used the better it gets.  We look forward to your questions. 

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Caseville Beach – It All Happens Here

A Mini Daytona Beach of the North

Over the years I’ve encountered numerous folks from Southeast Michigan who have fond memories of heading to the beach in Caseville. The park’s waterfront offers a large sandy expanse with plenty of room to build sandcastles, play touch football, rent kayaks and swim the day away. Its proximity to the large campground and short distance to town means it’s frequented by many visitors. It’s one of the most Instagrammed and Facebook Selfie spots around.


Vista of Fun, See and Be Seen

While you can’t drive on the beach you can park close enough to get a great view of sunsets or the fireworks shot off the Caseville breakwater pier on July 4th. During the annual Cheeseburger festival key events such as the cardboard canoe race and the sand sculpture draw large crowds. If you’re hungry there is a lunch stand that offers some of the best French fries around.


A Beach Close to Everything

The beach is only a portion of this large city-side park. Caseville County Park sits on 40 acres, it hosts a large full service campground with large portions of it covered with a tree canopy. Many campers bring their boat along as launch ramps are available at the nearby marina, as is fishing off the Caseville Pier. The park also features pavilion rentals and offers a few prime beachfront sites. The park also has an open air theater which provides live entertainment during Ribstock BBQ competition in June and Caseville Cheeseburger festival in August. Once here you can reach all attractions by foot or bike as the city has sidewalks throughout.