Category: Michigan Lighthouses

Michigan lighthouses dot locations along  3,200 miles of shoreline and support one of the nation’s most active waterways. Michigan claims more lighthouses than any other state in the country.

At one time there were as many as 247 lighthouses in Michigan, but now less than 100 are in operational condition. A State of Michigan map listed 124 remaining lighthouses.


Fort Gratiot Light Station

Fort Gratiot light was built in April 1829. It was situated north of an older tower light that has collapsed into the St. Clair river after a violent storm. The tower was constructed of brick to the height of 65 feet. In 1862 the height was increased to 82 feet to match the focal point of  a new 4th order Fresnel lens.


Lighthouses of Michigan’s Upper Thumb

Michigan Lighthouses of the Upper Thumb There are now 124 Michigan lighthouses across the state.  They are unique, functional and draw many visitors to explore...

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