Great Boat Names – 14 Bits Of Transom Charm Found In the Boatyard

Boat Names

Over the years, I spent a lot of working on my boat in my favorite little town along Lake Huron’s coast, and I found myself almost as fascinated by these names as I was with the beautiful beaches and lighthouses dotting my path. So without further ado, here are fourteen examples from across Michigan’s waterways—a reminder that it’s always important to have fun out there!

5 Easy Steps To Get Your Boat Ready For Summer 2023

boat ready for summer

Every avid boater knows that sweet feeling when spring’s back half brings the perfect weather for long days on the water with family and friends. The sun is shining, and you couldn’t be more excited to get out there on the boat and enjoy it.

Whether you want to go fishing, skiing, tubing, or sailing, the same question applies: Is your boat ready for summer?