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Great Living In Ohio – 4 Key Reasons To Consider The Buckeye State For Relocation

When it comes to U.S. states, Ohio often gets joked about as a state where the almighty sat when he placed his hand on the earth to form Michigan. Much of the attention is paid to states such as Florida and Texas. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Living in Ohio is a thrill and offers a rich history, fantastic local Ohio cuisine, and fun things to do with families.

Ohio is criminally underrated and has many positives that make the state a fantastic place to live. So, if you just closed on one of the Cincinnati houses for sale, why should you be excited about the prospect of living in the Buckeye State? If you’ve ever considered relocating to Ohio, we’re here to tell you it’s a great idea. The Buckeye State has many benefits for those looking for a new home. Here are the top four reasons why people who have never lived in Ohio should add it to their list of potential destinations:

What Is The Cost of Living In Ohio

Several models of Jeep are made near Toledo Ohio
Several models of Jeep are made near Toledo Ohio

A huge positive of being in Ohio is the state’s low cost of living. Ohio’s cost of living is well below the average mark for the country, meaning that your money will get you farther in the Buckeye State. Living life is much easier when things like food and housing aren’t that big of a concern financially. While you might expect that a low cost of living would mean fewer job opportunities, that isn’t exactly the case.

The Buckeye State is one of the most affordable states to live in. It’s ranked as the 23rd most affordable state by US News & World Report. Housing costs tend to be much lower than in other states, and average home prices are $130,000, which is significantly less than places like California ($443,000), New York ($278,000) and even Texas ($193,000).

The average cost of living in Ohio is $47,000, and the median household income is $46,000 – which means having a comfortable lifestyle on an average annual salary is possible.

Many major companies call Ohio home, meaning that the state has a great balance between job opportunities and a low cost of living. Not many other states have a great balance like this, a major positive about Ohio that often goes overlooked. 

Ohio’s Central Location In the United States

Living in Ohio

One of the biggest positives of living in Ohio is its location within the United States. Although the Midwest often gets a bad reputation, it’s actually the perfect location for those who frequently travel. Due to its location in the middle of the country, Ohio is only a few hours from almost every single popular tourist destination in the eastern half of the United States.

For example, cities like Nashville, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Louisville are all only a few hours away. Due to this, it can be extremely easy to plan weekend getaways and small vacations for Ohio residents. For frequent travelers, this is a major perk, and there are not a lot of locations that can offer this throughout the United States. 

What’s It Like to Live in Ohio? – Fantastic Local Cuisine!

An often underrated part of Ohio is the local cuisine. Many people don’t consider Ohio a state with a huge culinary influence, but many high-quality restaurants actually call the state home. Cincinnati has a budding food scene and cemented itself as a top culinary city with amazing restaurants. Columbus and Cleveland aren’t that far behind either, as they also have some truly amazing restaurants.

Buckeye candy is a unique treat that cannot be found outside of Ohio. Made with peanut butter and chocolate, this delicious candy is a favorite among Ohio natives and has even been featured on The Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” Buckeye Candy is also great to bring home as a souvenir because it can be found in many local grocery stores or specialty shops, so you don’t have to worry about them melting before you return home!

Even if you go outside the big cities, you can almost always find a quality restaurant to serve you food. Ohio’s location means that the state is influenced by many different diets. If you want some fantastic food, then Ohio has you covered. 

Is Ohio A Good State To Live In? – Local Culture

Mansfield is a city in and the county seat of Richland County, Ohio, United States. Located midway between Columbus and Cleveland
Mansfield is a city in and the county seat of Richland County, Ohio, United States. Located midway between Columbus and Cleveland 

Ohio has a fantastic local culture, with most residents following the hard-nosed, blue-collar way of life. Ohioans are extremely hard workers, often thought of as gritty and hard-working. However, Ohio also has plenty of cultural institutions.

Ohio is not just the birthplace of the Wright brothers. It’s also home to Cedar Point, the largest amusement park in the country and one of the top ten in the world. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is also located here, along with many other museums like the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Ohioans also have a softer side and a deep appreciation of the arts, as the Cleveland Museum of Art has one of the most impressive and extensive art collections in the entire country. Finally, Ohioans love their football, as evidenced by the presence of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

About Relocation To Ohio

Caesar Creek Lake, Ohio, USA
Caesar Creek Lake, Ohio, USA

If you haven’t considered living in Ohio as a relocation destination, it’s time to reconsider. While not every city in the Buckeye State is perfect for everyone, there are plenty of places to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a bustling metropolis or quiet suburbia, Ohio has something for everyone!

Here are four reasons why living in Ohio should be high on your list of considerations:

Columbus is home to The Ohio State University (OSU) and its basketball team, The Buckeyes. This makes Columbus an especially great place to live if sports are important to you! In addition to OSU games being held at Nationwide Arena (formerly known as Value City Arena), there are also numerous professional sports teams throughout the state, including Cleveland Cavaliers basketball; Cincinnati Reds baseball; Dayton Dragons minor league baseball; Toledo Mud Hens Minor League Baseball team; and several others that play across the state.

Cincinnati might be right up your alley for those who prefer more urban living environments but still want access to nature! It’s one hour from Newport, Kentucky/Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) and Dayton International Airport (DAY).

Final Thoughts About Living in Ohio

Ripley Ohio at Sunset
Ripley, Ohio at Sunset

The Buckeye State may not be the first place you think of when it comes to relocation, but it should be! Ohio has everything from affordable housing and great schools to a thriving economy. The state also has much going on regarding entertainment and culture—so you won’t have trouble finding something fun on any given weekend. Plus, being centrally located makes getting around easy as well. So if this sounds like somewhere you’d like to live maybe give us call today so we can help you find your new home in Ohio!

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