Is Michigan Ready For Electric Vehicles in 2023?

The auto industry is ever-evolving, and Michigan, the epicenter of automobile manufacturing, is riding the wave of this evolution. A huge question is looming – is Michigan ready for electric vehicles? It’s a fair question.

According to a Governing report, about 17,500 electric cars were registered in Michigan in 2021, marking a 64.7% increase from 2020. Many people are switching to electric vehicles or EVs to reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses emitted by gas-powered cars. But is Michigan ready for electric vehicles? 

A report by Detroit Free Press reveals that out of 50 states, Michigan ranked 29th in 2021. Moreover, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors have been discussing the potential of their new electric cars, the Mustang Mach-E and GMC Hammer EV. However, the state they call home is lagging in EV incentives and infrastructure, such as charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles, that could drive the adoption of electrified mobility. Read on to learn more about the state of EVs in Michigan and the steps being taken to make the state friendly to EVs. 

Installing Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging Station - Is Michigan Ready For Electric Vehicles

Range anxiety is a crucial factor affecting the widespread adoption of EVs. Many consumers have concerns about how far they can travel in a fully charged vehicle. They also want assurance they can access EV chargers on the roads. To ensure people embrace electric mobility without the fear of running out of battery power, Michigan looks forward to building a network of vehicle charging infrastructures. The expansion of EV charging infrastructure in Michigan will not only promote green mobility. It will also create clean energy jobs and more opportunities for state automakers like General Motors and Ford to continue manufacturing vehicles of the future. 

Implementing EV Promoting Policies

In a 2020 editorial, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm said that while Ford and General Motors are manufacturing many electric vehicles, incentives are needed. These incentives will ensure everyone enjoys the environmental and cost savings benefits EVs provide. By putting money into research and development of EVs and charging infrastructure and giving rebates to consumers buying electric cars, the state aims to become a leader in electrified transportation. 

Other state policies that can promote EV adoption are education and outreach programs, improved grid utilization, and lower energy rates. A focus on education and outreach programs will help individuals understand the benefits of switching to EVs. Clear communication on how to deal with range anxiety is also key to promoting public awareness of EVs. Once consumers understand the different ways to enhance range in electric cars, such as driving more efficiently, charging batteries using the 80/20 rule, and reducing weight, range anxiety will cease to be a problem. As a result, more commuters will embrace electrified vehicles. 

Michigan Considers Underground Coils for Charging EVs 

Besides installing charging stations on roadsides, apartment complexes, and workplaces, the state government is installing electric coils beneath road surfaces to make EV charging convenient. Underground coils are one of the advanced electric vehicle charging technologies that recharge personal and commercial vehicles via wireless devices while traveling or parked. With ideal regulatory policies in place, this underground EV charging infrastructure is safe, eco-friendly, and promotes fast charging. 

Energy Corridors For EV Tourism

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State governments are working hard to encourage tourism for electric vehicles. The picturesque Lake Michigan Circuit Tour Project aims to build a cutting-edge EV ribbon around the Midwest’s Great Lake of America. Michigan announced the Lake Michigan Circuit project by the end of 2021. The west coast of Michigan now has a first-of-its-kind, EV-friendly route. That project’s expansion will now create a loop around Lake Michigan.

Future Electric Cars All Upcoming EVs 2022-2025

Future Electric Cars All Upcoming ...

Together with Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, Michigan is participating in the initiative. Along the 1,100 miles of driveable shoreline around Lake Michigan, this will be a beautiful road with dependable EV chargers. Chargers will be placed in lighthouses, state parks, breweries, vineyards, restaurants, and other small enterprises in critical coastal areas. The objective is to revitalize the American road trip, promote rural tourism and communities, and end EV range anxiety.

Final Thoughts on is Michigan ready for electric vehicles

The adoption of electric cars in Michigan is happening slowly but steadily. The government and private sector are installing more EV charging stations to make Michigan a leader in electrified transportation. The state is also investing in outreach programs, providing rebates, and building electrified roads that recharge vehicles parked or in transit.

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