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6 Delightful Party Wine Picks for Festive Bites & Super Bowl Snacks

Just about everyone likes to attend a get-together with friends. Be it a simple Beer Call on a Thursday afternoon or a big game party with friends and neighbors. As a host, planning these get-togethers can be a bit stressful no matter how small the party is. Here are some select party wine picks and what you’ll be munching on at your next get together

Here is a slew of ways to enjoy various hand-held desserts on this big day. For instance, pairing these finger food with wine is a must-do! We’ve gathered up six stellar wine combos you should try while with friends or hosting the big game. Turn Super Bowl game day into a wine tasting party at home.

Full-Bodied Wines + Steak Sliders

Like peas and carrots, burger-eating and game-watching should go together! It’s just that burgers are quite big and messy, which can pretty much distract you from your sports-watching experience. Nothing is better than an average burger size, except several tiny burgers! 

If you’re into steak sliders, it’s best to pair them with Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a great wine with beef. You can choose from this Latour wine list. Wines with higher alcohol content and more tannins can perfectly stand up to the big flavor of the steak. This wine is a favorite for those who eat beef. Steak sliders, whether hanger or skirt, would always be ideal for the big game Sunday alongside full-bodied wines. Having a full-bodied wine available is one of the best wines to buy for a party.

Off-dry, fruit-forward wines + Fried Chicken or Buffalo Wings

Chicken Wings and Wine Pairing

Even though National Fried Chicken Day is celebrated every 6th of July in the United States, it has always been a chicken season every Super Bowl Sunday. However you want it is fried, oven-fried, baked, or caramelized, this game day will always be calling for chicken! 

In fact, in a surprising climax, the once-inexpensive wing has become the most costly and in-demand part of the chicken every Super Bowl weekend. Buffalo chicken wings, specifically, have been one of the favorites during this game day

Typically, a festive party wine like champagne or sparkling Vouvray pair well with the crispiness of fried chicken skin. For buffalo chicken wings, the honeyed sweetness of off-dry whites like Riesling or Gewürztraminer and fruit-forward wines like Pinot Noir are recommended, especially if you find the dish’s sauce a bit spicy. 

Medium-bodied red wines + Pepperoni Pizza

Homemade Detroit Style Pepperoni Pizza with Mushrooms

Whether you’re planning a big party or will be watching the NCAA March Madness with your family, the game wouldn’t be complete without pepperoni pizza! Its strong flavor that imbues throughout the cheese on each of its slices would surely match the pulse-pounding basketball championship. 

Pepperoni pizza typically calls for wines with lower acid levels. The tomato sauce alone contributes a good deal of acid. Medium-bodied red wines like California Zinfandel, Italian Chianti, a medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, or Syrah match well with straightforward, meat-sauce laden foods like pepperoni pizza. 

Light-bodied, fruity wines + Nachos

Nachos and Zinfandel

Who would dare to forget nachos? It has been everyone’s all-time favorite game-day snack! Simply top it with cheese, black beans, a few hot peppers, and nachos would do their thing! For a healthier plate, give your version a hearty twist with bison instead of beef or chicken. 

Sparkling wines are best for crispy fried foods like nachos. For corn-based chips, Sauvignon Blanc and other gutsy, grassy white wines are recommended. Create a virtual wine tasting party with California red blends, Zinfandel, Grenache, and other reds harmonize well with nachos’ quintessential topping, melted cheese. 

Grassy wines + Guacamole


The college bowl games have been saving avocados every year, or should we say the other way around? Assuming that you’ll be getting a big crowd coming to your BSC Bowl party, you can easily double or even triple your Guacamole, thanks to its 5-ingredient easy recipe! 

Don’t just forget not to pair Guacamole with red wines! That’s a big no-no. Always serve it with white, especially grassy or crisp acidic white ones like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or Grüner Veltliner to match the light flavor of avocados. Again, don’t ever attempt to go red. 

White wines + Pigs in a Blanket

Pair Rose with Sausage

Pigskins or pigs in a blanket is another classic finger food you shouldn’t miss in the NFL finals! Have friends or family members who are on a diet? No problem! Replace sausage with green beans! While the beans can be the only greens in it, doing so can still balance out of those mouthwatering, yet unhealthy game-day snacks.  

Dippings should be considered when thinking of what to pair with pigs in a blanket. For instance, if you opt for mustards, then a dry Rosé wine will be a great match. But usually, the dish is best with white vinos. The apple and apricot flavors of Pinot Gris will surely taste well with the sausage and brioche. Riesling offers a cleansing effect that makes the dish richer. 

The takeaway for Party/Game Day Wine Picks

Football Sunday has been dubbed as a premier beer-drinking event. But why settle for brews if you want wines? Fret not! From a grass fed beef stick or spicy hot chicken wings to fatty pepperoni to creamy Guacamole, wines will surely pair pleasantly with any classic game-day snack. So turn your game day party into a wine-tasting party at home!

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The Shipwreck distillery has a nautical motif. You’re greeted with a full-size cabin cruiser perched on rocks in the front. Once inside, you belly up to a full polished bow of an old boat towed over from Algonac as the tasting bar. The cozy shop is warm and inviting. A New Michigan Distillery To Savor In The Thumb

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Wake to the eye-opening experience of a coffee and sunrise over Saginaw Bay.

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