Dad Humor and Dish Rags

We just completed a colossal trip visiting friends and family. Our drive spanned from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, and Colorado. It was great to get out and see a bit of the country again. While pandemic posture kept us from fully venturing out into the public, we did take a peek at some local gift shops. Where else can you find a dishrag that costs $15? This brings me to today’s topic, “Dad Humor on Dish Rags.”

What is Dad Humor?

A typical dad joke is a one-liner or a question and answer. These minor quips are typically regarded as inoffensive. Dad jokes are stereotypically told with sincere humor or purposely elicit an unpleasant reaction to an overly punch-line. Some dad jokes may be considered anti-jokes, derived from a purposefully unfunny or weird ending.

Of course, dad humor is in reality not definable. Here is what I found along the way. You decide.

Being an Adult

Being An Adult

One other basic test of an excellent little joke is to point out the absurdity in the everyday. I honestly never thought about my tendency to use the same back burner on the stove, but here it is. It made me stop and smile.

Dieting When Your Hungry


Boy, this one is true. Don’t you catch yourself trying to buy healthy food at the grocery store when you’re starving? This little pic looks to have been cut off, but it simply states, ” I hate it when healthy me does the grocery shopping because chubby me needs a snack.” So, life tip, have a nibble of something before you venture to do a week’s worth of groceries.

Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices

Making healthy choices with so many options for sweet and savory foods takes some willpower. This little quip kinda nailed it. I would have changed it up a bit. “I hate it when I mean to buy seedless grapes, but instead, I accidentally get…well, you know…wine.

What Portion Size is This?

Portion Size

This is little quip brings to mind the guilty feeling every time I finish a smallish bag of potato chips stores are selling these days. The chipmaker indicates that this now-empty bag should be serving four people. I solved the problem by switching brands.

Don’t Trick Me with Your Health Obsession

Trail Mix

I’ll admit I’m a big fan of assorted nuts. However, when you hand me a bag of trail mix, the first handful must contain some sweet morsel with the almonds. The M&Ms are usually gone way before the little serving is empty. Of all the dish rag jokes this ranks high on the dad humor scale.

Vegan Humor

Missed Steak

This one falls front and center into the dad joke territory of all the dish rag quips I found. We have been eating more vegan-ish over the summer. However, we will head over to Walt’s Meats and grab a porterhouse for the grill once in a while. I’m not going to miss an opportunity to enjoy a bit of summer grilling. To even it out, I’ll grill some veggies and onions.

It’s Doctor’s Orders


Honestly, I never thought to take instructions from the Asprin bottle in this way. Of course, now with the kids are now grown, and on their own, it’s seldom that we have young ones in the house. However, I remember taking off to the workshop or garage, if only for a moment of peace and quiet.

Buying Big When the Tummy Rumbles

Buying Big

This final dad humor dishrag is another take on shopping while hungry. Back in the day, we would get a box of animal crackers for the kids to munch on to behave and be slightly quieter. Now that I’m older, I may start doing that tactic again to quiet my cravings around all that food.

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