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6 Tips for Moving and Cross Country Travel During The 2nd Summer With COVID

If you and your family have cross-country travel plans to move houses during the second summer with COVID-19, chances are you might have mixed feelings about the situation. Firstly, a house move is always stressful, given the work you must accomplish to get you and your family moved to a new location. Secondly, it’s tricky to move with the pandemic, given the many factors you have to consider. However, if you really need to make a cross-country travel move work in a pandemic, it’s possible to do it efficiently and successfully with the right planning and the right approach. Here are some of the tips you can follow: 

  • Secure relevant paperwork, documentation, and medical testing to ensure safety. Another way for safe house moving during the pandemic is ensuring you secure the relevant paperwork and documentation first before making any plans about moving to Manhattan or your destination. Ensure you process your homeownership papers, utility requirements, and even the necessary medical clearances to ensure that you can safely cross state lines and get to the new area of your home. This way, you and the professionals you will hire, such as moving companies, won’t have any trouble with logistics and requirements while your things are being moved to your new home.
  • Take note of specific health protocols in your new area. Aside from securing documentation, you need to ensure you and your family, as well as the professionals you’re hiring, are aware of exactly what the health protocols are in your destination. That way, you can prepare the necessary and required equipment for you to use to maintain your and your family’s safety throughout the course of the move. 
  • Organize and streamline your inventory to maximize your storage space. In a regular house move, you might have many items we want to bring with you to your new house. Unfortunately, you might not have a sufficient number of boxes or storage spaces for you to ensure that all your belongings can even fit in the moving trucks. There are long periods of storeroom for lease for your unused things. You might be surprised that even some items you cherish may have to go. You can avoid unnecessary losses in items if you organize an inventory first, especially in the form of a comprehensive spreadsheet. This way, you cannot only list relevant data regarding the items you own, but you can vet and determine where you own some items that can be sold or kept, or even thrown away.
  • Consider getting a portable storage space and a rentable place as backup. Given the volatility of the virus, there’s no guarantee that quarantine protocols in your new home’s state will remain the same from now that you’ve decided to make your move until the actual moving day. To avoid surprise lockdowns, it may help to rent portable storage and even keep in touch with a rentable place so that you have a backup if in case you end up getting stranded on the way to your new home or if some of your belongings needed a place to stay should they not reach your new home in any way. 
  • Secure your schedule to work on job obligations, and schooling concerns. Today’s pandemic has drastically affected your daily routine and the way you manage your schedule. If house moves are already hard to manage pre-pandemic, what more now that there are strict quarantine measures and policies, right? To avoid scheduling conflicts with your move, it helps to synchronize your moving timeline with the calendar you used to keep track of your work obligations or even schooling concerns. That way, you can ensure that aspects of the house move, such as packing and unpacking our place outside office hours. If you’re studying or have kids, this may also be a good opportunity to ensure that your schoolwork is interrupted even while you’re handling your move.
  • Hire professionals to assist with the logistics and heavy lifting. If you’re planning the specifics of your house move, professionals such as moving companies in NYC will be able to help you handle logistical concerns such as packing, unpacking, and the transportation of your belongings. This is more so the case with today’s global pandemic, as moving companies can help guarantee that your items will remain safe and sound as they travel safely across state lines with a crew following strict quarantine protocols to avoid any traces of the virus waiting to your new home. 

Moving In Time Of The Pandemic: Make It Possible

Cross Country Travel

With the above cross-country travel tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s perfectly possible to make a house move successfully despite the COVID-19 situation. In fact, many families may be able to have a better time in their new homes provided they plan their house moves properly and use the right approach. Besides following the right health protocols, securing the proper documents and maximizing the resources you have will allow you and your family to make a more efficient and streamlined move.

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