9 Reasons to Consider Renting An RV or Camper At a Michigan State Park In 2021

One of the things people miss most about their pre-pandemic lives is travel. Many feel there is just no way to resume traveling adventures while still keeping social distancing rules. Fortunately, this really isn’t true. The answer? Doing a Michigan RV rental for traveling in Michigan for 2021.

A study conducted in the Fall of 2020 by KOA noted that current campers predict to take their planned camping trip this year, and non-campers say they are now interested in camping due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Leisure travelers – including campers and non-campers – rank camping as the safest form of travel to resume once constraints are lifted.

9 Reasons For An Michigan RV Rental in 2021

Renting an RV or camper is a great way to try camping before investing in one. Plus, this year, it may be considered a cheaper and safer option than roundtripping and staying in hotels. The camper rental company RVshare gave us some great reasons to consider renting an RV and hitting the road this year.

#1 – You Can Avoid Sharing Bathrooms

With the Covid pandemic still raging in this country through 2021, it’s best to entirely avoid public restrooms.

#2 – You Can Cook Your Own Meals

Many of us don’t want others handling our food. When you travel in an RV, you can skip eating out and cook your own favorite meals in a little kitchen that you know is clean.

#3 – You Can Sleep in the Same Bed

Camping in your own RV lessens the risk of bedbugs from a hotel or getting sick with someone else’s germs. You can sleep in the same bed for your entire trip, no matter how many places you stay.

#4 – You can Stay Away From Other People

This perhaps should be the #1 reason to rent your own camper or RV. Staying away from people is key to assuring you avoid capturing the coronavirus. By choosing outdoor activities, you can very comfortably socially distance while still having a great time.

#5 Getting outside in the Sun

It has been suggested that the best way to perk up your immune system is to get out in the sun. Getting out in the sunshine is the best way for your body to produce vitamin D, which can strengthen your immune system, helping you stay healthy all year long.

#6 Getting Outdoors When Camping

Fresh air is amazingly beneficial to your well-being. It can help clear your mind and reduce stress, reduce your blood pressure and heart rate.

#7 Camping Perks Up Your Mental Outlook

Being stuck inside and isolated from the rest of the world since last March isn’t good for anyone. Getting outside, exploring the outdoors, and moving around are all wonderful for your mental health.

#8 You Can Finally See this Great Country of Ours

Traveling outside of our country, even up to Canada, is darn near impossible. Many countries are not allowing US citizens entry and traveling by plane isn’t advisable. 2021 is a great time to click off those sites on your bucket list that you wanted to see in the U.S.

#9 You can Take the Road Less Traveled

You can be more adventurous and travel off the beaten path, knowing you’ll be able to sleep and eat in comfort that night, no matter where you end up. The opportunity to be spontaneous and see something on a mere whim is something we could all use after being on lockdown.

Renting an RV or Camper For Your Next Vacation

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Rent Your RV Now!

Camping, glamping, and road trips may replace other types of planned trips in 2020.

Interest in RV camping among campers and non-campers can be attributed to cleanliness concerns at other accommodations like hotels or resorts and interest in avoiding shared facilities. Renting an RV or Camper may be the best way for those who have never camped before to try out the experience.

COVID-19 concerns will impact camper’s camp in the short term, including smaller group sizes, camping closer to home, and accommodation choices. If you are considering an RV for your next trip, explore and reserve at RVShare.

Renting An RV or Camper at Michigan’s State Parks

For several years the Michigan DNR has worked with local companies that offer RV motorhome and camper rental delivery and set up services in Michigan’s State Parks. This allows outdoor camping for those who want the experience of staying in a camper but not the ownership of one. It’s a great option for those who want to explore and camp throughout Michigan but don’t want to tow a 30-foot camper for 700 miles.

Port Crescent State Park Campground - Camper Rental
Port Crescent State Park Campground

Over 30 Michigan DNR, approved vendors can deliver RVs and campers to Michigan’s State Parks. Many of the vendors listed indicate they can deliver to all parks, while some serve specific park campgrounds. This is a great option for those who cannot tow a camper themselves. With a little planning, you can reserve a motorhome rental in Michigan and have it set up for you in any of Michigan’s State Park campgrounds.

Port Crescent State Park Campground Site 70 - motorhome rental Michigan
Port Crescent State Park Campground Site 70

Camping is considered a safe, economical family get-a-way activity that is increasing in popularity this year. With many working at home, camping is considered an option for those who can work anywhere. Both state parks in Michigan’s Thumb; Albert E. Sleeper and Port Crescent, offer WiFi services. This is ideal for those who need to open a laptop and check email or a project’s work status. Telecommuting while RV camping in a beautiful park setting is a wonderful alternative to working at home.

The Pop-Up, Camper and RV Rental Process

The first step is to reserve a campsite at one of the Michigan state parks you want to visit. The Michigan DNR has an on-line reservation system that can now indicate open sites with only a few days’ lead time. Be sure to note the number and the size of your campsite. You will need this information when renting your pop up camper or RV motorhome.

Camp Reserve Michigan State Parks - motorhome rental Michigan

Next, review the list of camper and RV motorhome vendors that can deliver and set up your rental pop up camper, fifth wheel, or RV at a Michigan park. Our review shows that you can get a full-size camper that sleeps 6 to 8 people from $125-150 a night. Pop up campers range from $300 for a 3 day stay to a full week, (7 days), at $500. Pop up campers can sleep up to six. Consider the security deposit, pet and smoking fees and cancellation terms into your budget

What Should You Bring When you Rent an RV or Camper at a Michigan State Park?

Here is a list of suggested items you will want to bring with you when camping.

  • Bedding + pillows
  • Cooking utensils (including pots & pans)
  • Outdoor grill and utensils
  • Personal items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc)
  • Bath towels & washcloths
  • Bug Spray
  • Wood and lighter for campfire
  • Smores (marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars)
  • Swimsuits and beach towels
  • Hiking shoes
  • Small mat to wipe your feet

Once you’re ready to leave your pop-up or Michigan RV motorhome rental, you just clean up, pack your belongings and leave. There are no worries about towing, pump-outs, or storage when you get home.

What Can Be Rented at Michigan State Parks?

Horse Rentals And Guiding Services – Privately owned riding stables and guiding services operate in five southeastern Michigan state parks.

Safari Tent at Sleeper State Park

Cabins, Lodges, Safari Tents, and Yurts – This is a more upscale camping experience. Numerous state parks now have remote rustic cabin, lodges, safari-style tents, pop-up campers, cottages, tepees, and yurts available for rent.

Track Chairs – Seven state parks have or will offer these great replacements for wheelchairs for an off-road experience. The electronic chairs can easily handle trails, snow, sand, and up to 8 inches of water. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis at no cost.

Bike Rental – Currently eight state parks offer bike rental

Beachside Camping At Port Crescent State Park

Camping Gear Rentals – Offers tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs for camping and backpacking.

Canoes, Kayaks, and Paddleboards – Forty Michigan state parks located on the water offer various boat rentals.

RV Motorhome Michigan
RV Motorhome Michigan
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