Experience a Drone Flyby of Turnip Rock

We are seeing some amazing sights by those who are working with drones. Overflights of small towns and points of interest are becoming common and the results are fascinating. Property lines and fences are overcome at 30 -50 feet in the air. Some drone flights cover miles. This drone flyby of Turnip Rock was made by a Kaioshin Supreme. This couple was kayaking on a very quiet and wave free afternoon at Pointe Aux Barques. It’s an interesting perspective.

Turnip Rock Flyby

About Turnip Rock

Turnip Rock was carved over time by the force of constant wave action the soft limestone has been shaped to its namesake and separated from the mainland over thousands of years. CNN called it one of the Most Amazing Rock Formations in America and Pure Michigan featured it on it’s 2016 magazine cover. Despite its uniqueness as a natural wonder is located and surrounded by private land. Thus the only way to access it is from the water. During the weekends the number of paddlers can get quite large. If the area around the rock is crowded consider exploring a few hundred yards past the rock and view the overhangs and cave features that border the Pointe Aux Barques community. During the late 1800’s the cave were hideouts for fugitives.

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Turnip Rock
Turnip Rock can only be reached by kayak or canoe.
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