Indian Trails of Michigan’s Upper Thumb

Mike Hardy

Author of a fun loving and event blog covering topics of the Upper Thumb of Michigan , the wind energy capital of the Great Lakes. Offering great trove of information on Wind Energy, Cheeseburger in Caseville, Saginaw Bay, Sailing.

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  1. Mark Putnam says:

    It took me a lot of time to put together the Indian Trails Map of the Thumb of Michigan that I overlaid in white on an early Michigan map. I took the information for the trails from the early surveys and other maps that don’t always show the end of the trail as many trails seem to end but go on to connect with another trail later in the general direction. This is true of the trail that goes north out of Lapeer, branches, and has one branch pointing to Chief Otusson’s Village, which is today the City of Frankenmuth, Michigan. There was also likely a trail all along the shoreline of the Thumb of Michigan.

    • ThumbWind says:

      The Indian trail road goes right by my parents cottage. I always thought is amazing that such a complex network was established for generations before Europeans set foot in the area. I would like to prove, somehow, of the canoe network between Oak Pointe, charity Island and Tawas.

  1. November 26, 2018

    […] The route that the expedition noted and took to cross Saginaw Bay supports a theory that the route of Oak Point-Charity Island-AuSable was part of an ancient Indian transit route that in included the Indian Trail that starts in Saginaw and ends in Port Austin. See Indian Trails of the Thumb. […]

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