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Trump Supported Wind Energy Production Tax Credit

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines in Michigan’s Thumb

It’s a crushing blow to big oil interests and anti-wind groups, but Donald Trump supported wind energy Production Tax Credit, (PTC) fathered by Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley.

In a YouTube video from the Trump campaign in November 2015 a direct question was asked to Trump on where he stood with the wind energy production tax credit.

“I’m fine with it, look any form of energy we gotta get away from the Mid-East. “, he responded.

Trump went on to say that wind is a problem has it is very expensive to build and that has oil continues to hover at $40 a barrel it’s not economic. Acknowledging this, Trump closed with, “Wind will need subsidy it’s going to have to have a subsidy.”

The Production Tax Credit (PTC) looks to have bipartisan support. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is viewed as the father of the wind industry in the United States. North American Wind reported, “When I got the bill passed in 1991, for instance, I had no idea that we’d have 31 percent of our electricity generated by wind,” the senator said, adding that this number is only expected to keep growing.

Of course, Trump isn’t keen on wind turbines. They are proposed to be placed near his golf resort in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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  1. It will be interesting watching him implement as he learns what has really been happening in America behind all those years of government believing the American people can’t handle the truth.

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