Brave Souls Shrug Off Sub Zero Temps at Shanty Days 2015

Sharnty Days 2015
WLEW Country Cruiser

Caseeville’s Shanty Days were officially postponed in 2015 due to bone-chilling temperatures in the sub zero range. These bottom-dwelling temperatures coupled with high winds and drifting snow it made for miserable outdoor conditions. Never the less some ventured out to the broom ball arena at the county park and were seen playing in white-out conditions.

Thumb Brewery
Thumb Brewery

Others chose to partake of activities indoors. We found the Thumb Brewery a hot spot on Saturday night.  With several new brews on tap we had a hard time committing to a single choice….so we sampled them all. Favorites included the new Kona Coffee Stout and the Hefeweizen. The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the various brews.  The “TB” has the Brewery  is seemly to be affectionately known was soon packed. There was live entertainment and conversation between customers was lively. Everyone was focused on sampling the newest selections.

Thumb Brewery

After we finished our sampling we trudged down the street to The Boathouse. We were quickly seated and had a taste of their hot avocado dip. It took off the chill off the short walk in the blowing snow.  They have the absolutely best walleye in the Thumb. A full fillet meal is offered with your choice of sides and a salad.  One in our group had  the wings. She swears it taste the same as the famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York. We concluded the evening with being spectators to cut throat pool tournament in the back of the Boathouse. We all agreed that the seats around the pool table were the warmest in all of Caseville that evening.

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