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Sebewaing Brewing Company

Sebewaing Was the Thumb’s Local Brewer

Sebewaing Brewing Can

Brewing Expands for the Company

During its peak in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the brewery employed about 30 people. In 1962, a group of Detroit businessmen gained control of the company. The group expanded sales heavily throughout the region and state, in the hopes of taking the company’s brews national. In 1965, a brutal proxy battle eventually wound up putting the brewery back in the hands of local control, but the damage had been done. Sales declined and the reputation of the brewery suffered, and it closed in 1966.

1939 Advertisement

October 6 1939 The Huron Times

Each week the Sebewaing Brewing Company would post a small column with a factoid ad in the Huron Times. This would entice readers to look for the proof of the statement in next week’s paper.

Sebewaing Beer Collectables

Sebewaing Beer

The last day of the Sebewaing Brewing Company was June 4, 1966. Today the cans are collectable, case boxes and other memorabilia and can be found online and in antique shops throughout Michigan. 


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