DTE Energy to Build 70 Wind Turbines in Huron County Michigan

DETROIT, April 19, 2012 – DTE Energy announced today that it plans to build its next wind park in Huron County, which will add another 110 megawatts (MW) to the company’s renewable energy portfolio.

The wind park in Oliver and Chandler townships is part of DTE Energy’s efforts to expand the company’s renewable energy resources. The wind park will add to the more than 500 MW of DTE Energy’s renewable energy projects already producing, or in the planning or construction stages.

The wind park will be sited on nearly 16,000 acres and host up to 70 wind turbines. DTE Energy will file for approval from the Michigan Public Service Commission this summer. If approved, construction would begin next year. The development is being part of the Harvest Wind II development. DTEs announcement effectively doubles an early estimate of 33 turbines being placed in the area.

The wind park will be on some of the 80,000 acres in Huron County where DTE Energy has acquired easements. The company has started construction this year on three previously announced wind parks, totaling another 110 MW, on 15,000 acres in Huron and Sanilac counties.

Total investment for all four farms will be about $500 million.

The company has completed wind and wildlife studies at the wind park site. DTE Energy will begin the design and permitting processes that will lead to construction.

The wind park development is part of DTE Energy’s plan to meet Michigan’s renewable energy goals. DTE Energy expects to add about 1,000 MW of renewable power, or about 10 percent of its power, by 2015. The company plans to own facilities to supply up to half of that power and contract with third-party producers for the remainder.

The majority of the company’s renewable energy will come from wind resources, but it also has a solar energy pilot program that could produce approximately 20 MW. The utility’s renewable energy capacity under contract is about 7 percent of total generation.



Sundowned U.S. Clean Energy Policies Risk Losing Lead Over China

From 2012 – Bloomburg – The U.S. government is creating a“boom and bust” in renewable energy investment that threatens to undermine its lead over China, the Pew Charitable Trusts said in a report.

China’s goal of installing a total of 160 gigawatts of wind power and 50 gigawatts of solar power by 2020 is occurring at the same time, a production tax credit, (PTC) benefiting wind producers expires at the end of the year in the US. Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow has been leading the charge to renew the PTC but recent votes have failed by the thin margin.

The United States could lose is dominance in wind industry and the loss of the PTC has prompted Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s largest wind turbine maker, to say 1,600 U.S. factory jobs are at risk. Duke Power has pulled the plug on a large wind farm in northern Michigan.

U.S. Clean Energy Policies Risk Losing Lead Over China – Bloomberg


Huron County Planning Board to Review Beach Easement Zoning

From 2012 – Lake Township has deferred a decision to repeal beach front easements restrictions to the Huron County Planning Commission. Lake’s Township’s zoning restricting building and storage facilities on private beach front easements has been in place since 2007. Recently Lake Township’s leadership expressed the opinion that it does not have jurisdiction over beach easements. Despite overwhelming support expressed by local residents during a special hearing held by  the township in January, the board proceeded table the topic on beach easements zoning until the Huron County Planning Commission reviews.

The newest member to the Huron County Planning commission is Jeff Krohn, who had served on the Lake Township Planning Commission. The Huron Daily Tribune noted Krohn as saying the township feels it doesn’t have any zoning jurisdiction over easements. He said beach easements are framed by associations, which have bylaws pertaining to the use of easements. Also, he said, the township feels it doesn’t have any jurisdiction in the waters, and can’t regulate how boat hoists are lined up.

Beach easements such as Sylva Beach, located within Lake Township were formed in the early 1900’s before any thought of neighborhood associations were put into place.

In a survey conducted by ThumbWind.com of current land owners of the Sylva Beach easement, 91% supported zoning rules prevent the storage of boats and the building of structures on the 500 foot beach easement. The other concerns of the residents were that the easement was too small to allow more than 1-2 boat hoists. The easement is shared among 34 cottages and homes.


Best of Cheeseburger in Caseville 2012

From 2012 – For well over five decades the Upper Thumb has been deemed the “Closer Up North” for the Southeast Michigan and Detroit area.  Sandy beaches, great fishing, parks and some of the friendliest proprietors around, Huron County is a great place to steal a weekend away from the “burbs” of Detroit without busting your wallet.  In less than a two hour drive you can be at the tip of the Thumb and sinking your toes into the sugar sand of Saginaw Bay. It’s family friendly unpretentious and considered by many to be an undiscovered Michigan destination.

There are many events throughout the year but the highlight festival of the summer is Cheeseburger in Caseville held in August. When it was first held in 1999 it was purely a local affair attended by only 5,000 locals. Now the event is considered the largest civic festival event in Michigan with over 100,000 visitors during  the 10 day event. Caseville becomes Key North during the event. Bring your Conch Republic passport for diplomatic treatment.

ThumbWind presents the “inside scoop” from locals and those who live here and wish our visitors to have a great time. A new page has been added Best of Cheeseburger in Caseville 2012. This local information offers a collection of the “Best Of” for the 2012 Cheeseburger fest. This stuff just scratches the surface for a unique trip of fun and adventure.

Best of RibStock in Caseville. Weekend of June 22Ribstock is considered the warm up act for the August festival. However this celebration of BBQ and country music is quickly becoming a favorite early summer event.

Best Place to Talk Politics During Cheeseburger’s “Parade of Fools” This is the largest event of the festival. It’s also a great chance to meet and great local and national politicians who find their way into Caseville.

Best Gourmet Grocery to Create Your Own Cheeseburger There are dozens of local restaurants and charity’s who set up for the 10 day event. You may want to make your own. Here is the best place to get all the fixens for your own cheeseburger in paradise.

Best Taste of the Florida Keys in the Upper Thumb – Want to experience a bit of the Keys cuisine without the 1,500 mile car trip and all the bridge hopping? There are many roadside inns along M-53 that can go toe-to-toe with those on A-1-A. The only thing missing is the conch chowder.  Here is a stand out.

Best Bar Cheeseburger in the ThumbBar burgers are fun. However you may actually have to leave Caseville to find the best bar cheeseburger in the Thumb.

Best Place to Camp Next to the BeachThe Upper Thumb is a camper nirvana. However there is only one area where you can literally camp steps away on the beach. Find out where.

Best Things to do When Your Bored of Cheeseburger – Ten days of luau shirts, Margareta’s and cheeseburgers sounds like a lot of fun but for kids it can be too much. If you want to step away from the crowds there is plenty to see and do. Check out the suggestions.

Best Stroll During the Festival – See the odd sights and unique sounds and atmosphere found only on the water.


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