Chandler Township Tells Wind Separatists to Go Home

From 2012- Huron County, Michigan – There was a stunning reversal of momentum for the Lake Township Wind Separatists who were told “No” by the Chandler Township board. A motion was struck down to enter negotiations to separate about 1/3 of Lake Township into Chandler for purposes of wind development.  According to those in attendance at the packed township hall, the motion was quick, decisive and unanimous not to proceed with any further talks. According to those in attendance the he vote was 5-0.

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Lansing Watch Dogs Take Note of Wind Separatist Movements in Lake Township

From 2012 – Huron County Michigan – The news that a small group of Lake Township landowners seeking to separate from the township to pursue wind development is starting to be noticed in Lansing. The Michigan Capitol Confidential under the Mackinac Center for Public Policy released a story on Monday that seems to blast the moves by a disgruntled group to negate the referendum vote held this past February in Lake to restrict wind development.

The full story can be read at Town Votes Down Windmill Plan, Board Moving Ahead Anyways on the CapCon site.

Twenty landowners want to exit Lake Township, by ceding to the wind development friendly Chandler township located on the southern border. The wind separatist group have hired attorney William Fahey of Okemos to utilize Michigan’s PA 425 to assist in the separation process.

This is the first significant news coverage of the Lake Township wind farm story posted outside of Huron County. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a nonpartisan research and educational institute dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Michigan citizens by promoting sound solutions to state and local policy questions.


Thumbwind Releases Mobile App for Android

Thumbwind is pleased to announce that we are introducing a downloadable mobile version of our site. The first release will be only for Android users. The native app offers a live news feed from Thumbwind as well as a calendar of events, videos, photos and the popular wind farm map.  Now you can follow the interesting events in Huron county anytime and anywhere.

Android users can download the app directly from here.

An Apple iPhone app is also in development and will be available by mid-June.

Lake Board Bows to Wind Successionists – Proceeds to Negotiate Tear Up of Township

From 2012 – Lake Township board voted 3-2 on May 21st to ignore the referendum vote held on February 28th to restrict wind development and begin negotiations to hand over approximately 4,000 acres to Chandler Township. Twenty-one landowners are utilizing Michigan’s Public Act 425 with hopes to change township zoning designations of their land to be subject to wind friendly Chandler zoning. Lake board members Robert T. Smith, William Osborne & Dorothy Fischer voted for the possible zoning secession and begin negotiation.


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