Michigan Wind Farms In Operation 2012

2012 Wind Survey Active Project

These are the Michigan Wind Farms in operation in 2012.

3 thoughts on “Michigan Wind Farms In Operation 2012

    1. energy from solar panels can be trosed in batteries for when there is little sun light. its very expensive to install, maybe 8 grand upwards for home systems, hence its usually just used for heating up water etc.. but average *home* system can take on maybe up to 40% of that household’s annual electricity useage.. it is rather expensive per square metre to buy as silicon is not so readily available to make it cheap.. but once its up there it doesnt need much maintenance except to clean it, etc.wind turbines are expensive to install but once up, not much maintanence is needed, checked up maybe every few years.. the energy can be trosed in batteries when there is no wind present.so, i guess its def not answer B and C.edit: wind and sunlight is free so it isnt expensive to *use*

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