Michigan DNR Reveals New ‘free snowmobiling weekend’ In 2023

In a few days, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will launch its free snowmobiling weekend, allowing users to use their vehicles for two days without registering or obtaining a trail permit.

The dates for the free snowmobiling weekend are February. 11–12, 2023.

The Michigan Legislature approved bills requiring the DNR to offer the weekend, arguing that doing so will allow experienced riders to bring along friends who are new to the sport and who may become lifelong enthusiasts.

Michigan also offers free ORV and Free Fishing weekends each year.

Rediscover Michigan’s Trails During free snowmobiling weekend

“Free Snowmobiling Weekend is a great opportunity for those that haven’t dusted off their snowmobiles to jump on the trails,” said Ron Olson, chief of the DNR Parks and Recreation Division. “It’s also a great time for out-of-state visitors to come explore the thousands of miles of trails found in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.”

The need for a license, registration, or trail permit is waived over these weekends, but anglers and operators are still required to abide by all laws and rules governing these activities.

For more information on snowmobiling in Michigan, including trail maps, visit Michigan.gov/Snowmobiling.

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