3 Areas You Need To Plan To Ensure Your First Camping Trip Is Perfect

Did you know that more than 7 million households have started camping in the last 5 years? A camping trip is the best hobby to soothe stress, anxiety, and to just get away from it all! In addition, it’s very affordable and an easy way to travel and see new things.

Planning for your first camping trip can be stressful. What are the essentials? What should you be sure to never forget? 

If you want to join the camping revolution, you’ve come to the right place. In this brief guide, we’ll be discussing all the things you need to bring on your camping trip. Read on to learn more! 

#1 Camping Shelter – Tents, Flys & Hammocks

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A tent is arguably the most important thing to bring when you camp. For the duration of your trip, this is your home base. 

The larger and more well crafted your tent is, the more comfortable it will be when you sleep. This is especially true if you are camping with friends and family. If your tent is small, you will be cramped for space.

If you’re planning to hike to your camping spot, it’s best to pick a lighter tent so you don’t struggle on the trail. However, if you’re driving to your camping spot, you can afford to go a little heavier and larger. 

You can also supplement your tent with a hammock rain fly. This is essentially a tarp that can protect you from rain, snow, and more. It can be used in place of a tent on lightweight camping trips, but it can also provide you with more shelter around the campsite. 

Having a lightweight tarp or fly on hand is a camping best practice. If you are going to be camping out in the same place for an extended period of time positioning a fly over the tent will protect the tent exterior from the sun’s UV rays. It can also be used to cover food preparation areas and equipment from the elements.

#2 Sleeping Gear – Bags, Pads & Liners

You’ll have to bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. The heavier these items are, the more comfortable they will be. But, the more cumbersome they will be. 

Those with experience also know that bringing a lightweight liner will protect your expensive sleeping bag from body sweat and odor. I fleece sleeping back liner is extremely welcome during cool times of the season and essential during the winter.

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So, when selecting your sleeping gear you’ll have to decide where on this spectrum you want to fall. The further you have to hike to your camping site, the lighter you should pack. 

#3 Sustenance – The Right Food During a Camping Trip is Essential

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Be sure to bring lots of food, water, and snacks. Also, bring fire starting kits and a portable gas stove for preparing hot food and coffee. 

Make sure to bring more than you think you’ll need. The last thing you want is to run out of supplies and have to leave!

In addition, bring trash bags to pack your trash and waste out. This is the key to keeping our natural lands clean for everyone to enjoy.

If your area has a risk of bears, it’s important to make sure you can keep your food safe from them so they can’t smell it. This means putting it in your car or locking it in a bear box and making sure that all bags and boxes are properly sealed. 

Start Planning Your First Camping Trip Today

Camping is a fun and rewarding hobby. As soon as you take your first camping trip, you’re sure to see the benefits. Be sure to follow our camping checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

If you enjoyed learning about the camping essentials, we have lots of similar guides and checklists on our blog. Check it out for more! 

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