September 25, 2023
Kinde, Michigan from the Air

Kinde Michigan – Our Polka Loving Beantown

Many want to keep this place a secret. It’s a slice of a true American farming community in the Thumb of Michigan. John Kinde founded the village in the 1880s during the region’s transition from lumbering to agriculture. A lumber yard, general store, grain elevator, and post office were established followed by a train station in 1882 for the Port Huron and Northwestern Railroad, (PH & NW).

Kinde - Farmers Co-Op
Farmers Co-Op

Kinde was once renowned as the “Bean Capital of the World“. Michigan white navy bean soup has been a staple for over one hundred years in the U.S. Senate dining room in the form of Senate bean soup.  (Find the recipe in our post of Unique Michigan Foods You Have to Try) While beans are still a huge agricultural focus in the Thumb the mighty sugar beet has nudged the venerable white bean from first place.

Kinde Polka Festival

Accordion - Kinde Polka Fest

Each year, the area’s heritage rises with the Kinde Polka Festival that is held each September. Polka groups from all over Michigan and the Midwest converge on the village for the entire weekend of music and fun.  A Kinda Polka Festival 5k run is held on Saturday, with a Breakfast held on Sunday. Proceeds from the event go toward scholarships for local students, school projects, and the Future Farmers of America.

Biff’s Bowling, Bar & Grill

Kinde offers a wonderful respite from the beach, the crowds in Port Austin, or the craziness of Caseville during Cheeseburger. In the center of town, there is a giant water slide and miniature golf. Wiley’s Water Slide is a cool option on a hot summer day. If getting all wet doesn’t interest you, there is an ice cream store too. Kinde is also home to one of the few bowling alleys in the area.

Biff’s Bowling

The local favorite and time-honored Biff’s Bowling & Bar is nearby on M-53. Built in 1947, the bowling alley has been owned by the same family for three generations. Al and Kimberly Yageman brought out Al’s dad in 2003 and haven’t looked back.  Yelp and Foursquare highly rated Biff’s, and it has been noted for a great family atmosphere. They have a full kitchen and some of the coldest beer around. Today it’s for sale with the hope that a new family will take the reins of this family institution.

New owners have bought the famous Biff’s Bowling and Bar. They have really developed a following with a full-service menu including Prime Rib on the weekends.

The Pasta House

Pasta House Kinde
The Pasta House in Kinde

Most of the year-around folks in the Thumb consider The Pasta House a must-visit. While everyone raves about their pizza this author tends to go for their signature dishes of homemade ravioli and chicken Marcela. With banquet facilities next door,  the Pasta House also draws special events, weddings, and large parties.

Heck’s Bar: The Center of the Universe

Heck's Bar
Heck’s Bar – The Center of the Universe

Finally, if you want a joint that is out of the ordinary head west of town to Heck’s Bar. This place is in what was once a thriving crossroads village of Pinnebog but today the Heck’s is the sole survivor. They offer one of the largest selections of craft beers in the area. The Friday fish fry and the famous Heckle burger are Heck’s specialties.  The décor is a bit dated but they are working on it. The service is fast and the conversation is pleasant as it’s never overly loud. It is somewhat kid-friendly with families surrounding large tables with grandkids in tow.  So before you leave Kinde, come to the center of the Universe at Heck’s Bar.

The Current Weather in Kinde Mi

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  1. My mom and her family all came from Kinde born at home in Kinde in 1914 , the youngest of five sisters and one brother. it use to be a thriving town. As people got cars instead of horses and buggies or wagons they came to Bad Axe to do their shopping. Again, that railroad that came to Kinde was orginally slated for Pinnebog but somebody pulled strings like most major construction deals lol.

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